With all eyes on the South Australian ‘Smarter Homes’ push to further regulate solar exports, Wattwatchers is going ‘Smart AaaS’

Agent-as-a-Service model is being built on our ADEPT platform featuring Internet of Things (IoT) integration and machine-learning capabilities. It offers Agents, Aggregators and others a smart-but-simple entry point to address the regulatory changes immediately, while keeping options open for the longer term. Or, if you want more now, you can upgrade quickly to a customised Solar Operations Centre (SOC).

Every day the people of the solar PV and wider distributed energy resources (DER) world in Australia are scanning the still-emerging and evolving registration list for ‘Relevant Agents’ under the South Australian Government’s  Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes process.

Who’s on it? Who’s not? Who’s listed then withdrawn? Who’s working with which technologies? Who’s going to dominate?

The picture changes nearly every day at the moment. But being an Agent isn’t necessarily the right positioning for everyone!

For Wattwatchers’ part, as an example, we’ve been keeping an open mind on whether we should consider being an Agent in our own right, or stay out altogether, or perhaps play a more nuanced role as an enabler of Agents – and for the time being at least we’ve opted for the latter.

Wattwatchers is an enabler

The questions that Wattwatchers is posing to an energy services marketplace that’s in a genuine state of flux include:

  • Do you need technology to support South Australian Agent services to solar households?
  • Do you want flexibility to choose between Agents, and softwares for that matter, or portability to move from one to another?

While many companies are moving to implement solutions to meet the new solar export control regulations in South Australia, they won’t all end up being Agents. Some start thinking they should be and then reconsider, possibly deciding definitively that it’s not for them, or merely taking more time before committing.

Wattwatchers can help you to buy time while you think it all through. Our suite of technologies supports the emerging role of Agent, and also Aggregators for demand response, while simultaneously helping electricity customers to save money and manage their energy use better.

If you’re installing solar systems and want to meet the new requirements immediately, while keeping your options open for longer term solutions, then Wattwatchers can help via our Agent-as-a-Service model.

You can start simple-but-smart with AaaS… or upgrade to customised Solar Operations Centres (SOCs) using our ADEPT IoT integration and machine-learning platform.

Why choose Wattwatchers?

  • Multiple Agents are registering to use our solutions, demonstrating our versatility
  • We offer multiple pathways to limit solar exports
  • You get ease of integration & software choices with our industry standard RESTful API
  • We help you to avoid being locked-in to proprietary systems & one-to-one technology tie-ups

WANT TO LEARN MORE: See our solar export control page or email sales@wattwatchers.com.au