Boosting service and responsiveness

Hi. I joined Wattwatchers in June, in the newly-created role of Customer Success Manager.

The plan from Day 1 was to shake things up in the customer service space: in a good way!

We want you to have the best possible experience: whether you’re already a customer with Wattwatchers, an electrical installer using our energy IoT devices, a new or return inquiry, or anyone else who wants to know more about us.

In these Covid times, this is all about online presence. Face-to-face often just isn’t an option, and nor is jumping on an aeroplane to open up a new international frontier.

So a core mission for Wattwatchers over the next year is to be relentless about improving responsiveness to customers, both established and potential, including installers in the field.

To this end, we’re making our website, service desk and knowledge base resources more intuitive and easy to navigate.

Here’s some good news 

We’re making great progress already, with more changes, refreshes and upgrades to come as the year rolls on.

A lot of this is happening on my watch, focused on how we interact directly with customers and provide them excellent service and support. 

But there’s a bigger agenda at Wattwatchers too. Keep an eye out for a total overhaul of our website, which will be launched soon, and some new team members coming on board.

Customer success

Here’s what I’m rolling out under the banner of customer success, reflecting continuous improvements across our business to make the whole customer experience more fluent, secure and effective – for you, but also for us to help you.

To start we’ve focused on quotes, ticketing for service desk support, and a new knowledge base to make self-help more accessible, informative and useful.

Streamlined quotes

We’ve already moved the generation of quotes for our customers from the accounting platform Xero, to HubSpot*. 

The new process is simple:

Step 1 – You request quotes from Wattwatchers by emailing us using this address:

Step 2 – Then you receive the quote you’ve requested in the same email thread, which makes the conversation more fluent (previously the quote was requested on an email, and then was sent from Xero on its own thread – which, frankly, could be a bit clunky).

This change is designed to deliver:

  • Less quotes in spam because they’ll be sent from the person working with you, not the system.
  • A two-step acceptance process for security, using an email link to confirm identity.
  • Then, once you’ve accepted, you are automatically emailed a PDF version of the quotation for your records.

Ticketing for support

Once our new system is activated in the coming weeks, you’ll go to our Service Desk to submit service and support requests.

You’ll find a drop down menu to help define your request and ensure that it’s directed to the best person at Wattwatchers. 

You also will be able to get ‘Quick Answers’ based on frequently-asked questions that we’ve accumulated over nearly a decade. 

Knowledge base

Our new Knowledge Base will be sitting behind the Service Desk, making it easier to serve yourself. 

You can search for keywords and quickly find relevant insights and articles that respond to your practical needs on the spot.

You might want to find out more about external antennas, or current transformer (CT) clamps, or quickly navigate to the guide for using our Onboarding app.

There’ll be an ever-growing collection of materials available, and if we’re missing things please tell us and we’ll plug the gap.

You also can rate materials as ‘helpful’ or ‘unhelpful’, which helps us to identify weak spots and fix them so customer experience improves.


One more bit of good news. 

Wattwatchers is in hiring mode and my role of Customer Success Manager will soon be complemented by another new role, Installation Success Engineer.

Next steps

We’ll be making further announcements as all of the changes flagged above go live.

*In the background: Wattwatchers uses HubSpot for CRM, Sales Management System and Marketing Automation, and it also will host our new Service Desk platform including the Knowledge Base.