Wattwatchers works with SUMS Group for monitoring power and water

The right data, at the right time, supports the property sector to track, manage and strategise across overlapping trends that are shaping their world.  By incorporating the Wattwatchers’ electricity sub-metering solution, SUMS Group is offering its clients even greater visibility and control of their asset performance.


Two Australian technology solutions are now being used in tandem to monitor water and electricity use in commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings, providing building owners and facility managers with a powerful out of the box solution.

Electricity and water have long been top ‘utilities’ challenges for sustainability in the built environment, posing the problem of accessing the real-time and trend data required to manage and report on them effectively.

SUMS Group, a leader in smart water monitoring, has progressively added energy into its solution suite, including using Internet of Things (IoT) data loggers for electricity from leading digital energy innovator, Wattwatchers. 

With mandatory reporting of climate-related information coming into force for large companies in Australia from mid this year, building owners and facility managers face escalating requirements for robust, timely and cost-effective data.

The right data, at the right time, supports the property sector to track, manage and strategise across overlapping trends that are shaping their world: Net Zero and decarbonisation, green building and sustainability, electrification and degasification, the clean energy transition, grid interactivity, and tenant engagement.

Industry partnerships

Paul Marsh, SUMS Group Founder and Managing Director, said that industry partnerships were critical to helping his company to design and deliver products that serve its clients and the planet well. 

‘Most recently we are excited to announce Wattwatchers as a new technology partner,’ said Marsh. ‘Incorporating Wattwatchers’ electricity sub-metering solution offers our clients even greater visibility and control of their asset energy performance. 

‘Similar to our existing smart utility devices, the Wattwatchers energy meter data is accessible via SUMS+ portal, so customers have all their energy and water data in one place.’  

Straddling energy and water

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz said that SUMS Group stood out in the solutions space because of the way it was straddling smart monitoring for both water and energy. 

‘Wattwatchers is a highly flexible electricity monitoring solution providing highly-granular, circuit-level, real-time sub-metering data with easy access through the cloud,’ said Dietz. 

‘Getting real-time data for both water and energy is a very real challenge for many building owners and managers, both for retro-fits and new-build installations, and we’re delighted to be included in the SUMS Group solution stack.’

Both companies proudly support local industry by designing and manufacturing smart devices in Australia.   

SUMS Group working with Wattwatchers is now being deployed by leading property groups in Australia.

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More about SUMS Group: Founded in 2003 as Watersave Australia, the SUMS Group (SUMS) began with a desire to innovate for water savings and improved resource management in a sunburnt country. Today, SUMS provides smart utility management solutions designed to help clients measure, monitor and manage energy and water infrastructure – simply and sustainably. SUMS enables other organisations to achieve sustainability gains, business efficiencies, and customer engagement through simple, powerful technology solutions. Our team creates responsive and intuitive ways to understand complex utilities information and turn data into real business benefits.

More about Wattwatchers: Founded in 2007, Wattwatchers is Australia’s leading digital energy platform, enabling fast, powerful and scalable solutions to monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real time. Our innovation and solutions help to maximise the benefits from renewable energy, green building, carbon and energy management for Net Zero and beyond, and electrification. Our solutions suite spans devices, datasets, analytics, software and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, for energy and non-energy applications across home, community, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases. Our open business model promotes technology collaborations, with dozens of third-party partner integrations with our REST API – in Australia, and internationally. Designed, made and coded in Australia.