Wattwatchers updates pricing in response to supply chain pressures – effective April 4, 2022

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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: COVID-19 impacts are the key driver for a 10-15% price rise across our hardware range, while subscriptions stay at the same rate.

MARCH 31, 2022 (UPDATED, ORIGINALLY POSTED FEBRUARY 28): After holding our prices steady for nearly two years, Wattwatchers Digital Energy is increasing hardware prices by 10-15% in response to global supply chain pressures.

The widely-felt impacts of the global pandemic on supply chains in Australia and internationally have created new cost pressures which we need to ‘price in’, including rising costs for key components and transport.

The new price list will be released on Monday, April 4, 2022. While actual increases vary by individual item within the 10-15% range, examples for some of our most popular products include:

Auditor 6M (cellular, choice of CT sizes) – $255 ex GST (up from $230)

Auditor 3RM (cellular, 3000A Rogowski Coils) – $960 ex GST (up from $875)

Auditor 6W (WiFi, choice of CT sizes) – $190 ex GST (up from $170)

60 Amp CTs (default size) – $45 ex GST per set of 3 (up from $39)

Subscription fees for communications, data and apps are not affected and will remain at the same level set at our most recent previous price adjustment, on July 1 2020.

We want to ensure that our customers and partners have a month’s notice that hardware prices will be rising – as of April 4, 2022 – and we will issue a new Standard Pricing List to update your information.

Wattwatchers team members are available to discuss the price increases and their impact for individual customers.

While changing circumstances have forced this round of hardware price increases, Wattwatchers’ intention is always to minimise any price increases. This has been a tough decision after absorbing as many of the price increases as we could endure.

We aim to do this while maintaining the integrity of our business and our ability to continue to innovate for new and improved solutions for our customers, and stronger ongoing collaborations with our partners.

Once issued, the updated Wattwatchers Standard Pricing List – April 4, 2022 will apply until any further review.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: E sales@wattwatchers.com.au