Wattwatchers updates pricing from 1 March after holding for two years

Image ex Canva to illustrate Wattwatchers blog post about pricing update

Sustained cost pressures across our supply chain drive an average 6% price rise for our hardware range, but subscriptions are unchanged again and warranties are being extended. A new price list will be circulated in the coming weeks, with effect from 1 March, 2024.


JANUARY 30, 2024: After holding pricing steady for two years, Wattwatchers Digital Energy is increasing hardware prices by an average of about 6%. 

We wanted to give our customers a month’s notice of this change and for that reason new prices will take effect from Friday, 1 March 2024.  

This is in response to the ongoing high inflation both in Australia and offshore, with the corresponding impacts on input costs. The weak Australian dollar also has impacted our cost structure.

Actual increases will vary by hardware product reflecting the respective cost price pressures for that item.

Our subscription fees for communications, data and apps are not affected and will remain at the same levels as they’ve been for the past 7 years.   

We are also increasing our standard warranty from 2 years previously to 5 years across the range, with an additional 5 years available for $63 +GST at time of purchase only.

Wattwatchers team members are available to discuss the price increases and their impact for individual customers.

CEO Gavin Dietz said that intense inflation pressures over a sustained period of time had forced Wattwatchers hand on the new round of price increases. 

‘We’ve held out as long as we could, absorbing cost increases for nearly two years, as we’ve done in the past,’ said Dietz. ‘Our intention is always to minimise any price increases, while maintaining the integrity of our business, and the quality of our solutions and services to customers.’

Once issued, the updated Wattwatchers Standard Pricing List – 1 March, 2024 will apply until any further review.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: E sales@wattwatchers.com.au