Wattwatchers plugin now available on Reekoh IoT integration platform

‘Fast’ defines our budding all-Australian technology collaboration between Wattwatchers, in the digital energy space, and Internet of Things (IoT) integrator Reekoh.

The objective of this new partnership, formally announced at the end of August 2018, is fast customer solutions for smart energy and asset management in the built environment.

The mutual value case for Wattwatchers and Reekoh working together starts with fast energy data, or real-time to be precise, which is standard data fuel for the IoT era.

Reekoh moved fast to add a Wattwatchers real-time energy monitoring plugin to its library, and is renowned for its speedy ease and effectiveness as an integrator including fast simulation capabilities.

Wattwatchers, meanwhile, is a technology leader in real-time monitoring and control of electrical circuits through the cloud, with an established track record for fast prototyping of its integrated hardware, firmware and software solutions across residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases.

An early use case for the new partnership, which emphasises fast deployment of customer solutions, will see real-time electricity data from Wattwatchers being integrated with weather and energy market data sets.

This will help business customers to take control of their energy use and automate decision-making for better performance through reducing energy wastage and coordinating cost-effective time-of-use to avoid or minimise peak demand charges.

By working with Reekoh, Wattwatchers is looking to boost its expansion into the commercial and industrial space.

At the same time, real-time energy data is a strategic addition to Reekoh’s extensive solutions store. As an integration platform provider, Reekoh supports enterprises to unite new technologies such as IoT, AI and machine learning with their existing data systems, thus rapidly enabling business solutions that can adapt to ongoing technology evolution.

By adding Wattwatchers to its plugin architecture, Reekoh is making IoT-for-energy devices readily accessible via its ever-expanding library of enterprise platforms, tools and services.

Here’s how Reekoh CEO Dale Rankine profiles the new partnership:

‘Using the Reekoh plugin framework and platform architecture, Wattwatchers are able to quickly go after customer opportunities where they can provide immediate value beyond their market-leading core solutions, and then build on those solutions for long-term scale.


Reekoh CEO Dale Rankine and his team are making IoT integration fast, easy and effective.



‘Wattwatchers have a deep understanding of their customers’ immediate and future needs, and it’s been fantastic to be able to bring together our solutions to enable offerings that they already know will make a huge impact to them.’

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz sees the partnership with Reekoh as a strong step towards accelerating IoT for energy.

‘Reekoh’s rapid integration capabilities open a door to easy-to-access IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning which can leverage the highly-granular, real-time energy monitoring and control functionality provided by Wattwatchers,’ said Dietz.


Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz is propelling real-time energy data into the IoT space.


‘By integrating Wattwatchers data with weather information and market data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the combination with Reekoh will  help business consumers of electricity to get better financial and operational outcomes.

‘A use case example is leveraging Reekoh’s predictive capability to control peak loads and participate in orchestrated load-shedding (demand response) programs, with opportunities for both automated and behavioural approaches; or automatically scheduling loads to reduce the most common form of energy wastage, unnecessary after-hours energy usage.’


More About Reekoh

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