Wattwatchers moves subscriptions management to Stripe

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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve customer service and streamline our billing processes, Wattwatchers is moving our subscriptions management system to Stripe.

Stripe is highly regarded as a third-party system for managing payments and subscriptions, and many customers may well already be using Stripe via other suppliers.

Stripe will manage our subscriptions plans, cancellations and the storing of payment information.

Benefits to you

For customers, the move to Stripe will make your subscription payments much easier!

You will have greater transparency on how many devices you are paying for on a monthly basis. 

Our fleet tools are being upgraded and integrated to Stripe, so that you can easily view and manage other aspects of your fleet subscriptions.

These features will roll out in the coming months.

Invoicing and payment options

Parallel to the migration to Stripe, Wattwatchers’ standard T&Cs will be updated. This includes moving from the prior practice of charging subscriptions in arrears, to having subscriptions paid in advance.

One aspect of this change is that existing customers will receive two (2) invoices close together, at the time that we set up your account in the new system.

The first invoice will bring all subscriptions up to date at the changeover date. The second invoice will be the first ‘in advance’ payment for a customer’s active devices.

By default, invoicing will be monthly, paid by credit card. We understand that this may not suit everyone. So we also provide quarterly and annual payment options and, for larger accounts, you can also elect to pay invoices via bank transfer.

Customers can confirm your account details and specify your billing preferences, so we can set up your account correctly. Or contact sales@wattwatchers.com.au if you would like to arrange to be on one of our alternate payment options. 

Other things to note

If subscriptions invoices are not paid within 60 days, all devices associated with your account will have their communications automatically paused until payment is made.

Devices will no longer be sold with 12-month prepaid subscriptions. Instead, new devices will be sold with their subscription covered to your next billing cycle in Stripe, for existing customers; or from the first of the next month for new customers. This is a change to our previous policy, where device subscriptions commenced once a device was installed.

Newly purchased devices will be added automatically to your Stripe subscription account. You will receive indicative pricing for your subscription on your quote for your reference.

Thank you for your support

We appreciate our customers’ patience and support as we work through this transition. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions or queries you may have.