Did you know? Wattwatchers monitors big commercial & industrial circuits too


When Wattwatchers developed our original solutions for monitoring electricity at circuit level in real-time through the cloud, the main focus was on residential installations, especially for homes with rooftop solar PV.

Less well known, perhaps, is that the same ultra-compact Wattwatchers devices also can be used to cover major circuits at large commercial and industrial sites as well.

This includes field-interchangeable current transformer (CT) clamps that rise from the standard 60 amps for residential, our default size, up through 120, 200, 400 and 600 amps.

Then come our specially-configured 3-channel monitoring units equipped with a set of three Rogowski Coils to cover circuits with currents up to 3000 amps, and also very thick circuit cables whatever their amperage.

We call these units the Auditor 3R, and they now come in their own colour coding, with a bright orange lens.




  • Commercial-scale solar monitoring – suitable for rooftop systems up to 100kW (and in some cases higher)
  • Energy monitoring at commercial and industrial sites – large machines and appliances (e.g. compressors, variable speed drives, co-generation systems), high current grid connections and large internal circuits (e.g. tenant risers in high-rise buildings)
  • Sites with large ‘busbars’ in their switch boxes – where split-core CT’s are not a viable option because of their physical dimensions


Software ‘work with’ options

The Auditor 3R works with a number of Wattwatchers-compatible software solutions, including but not limited to: