Wattwatchers is growing


In the lives of startups and scale-ups, there are times to tighten the belt and there are times to loosen it a few notches and build up your team.

For Wattwatchers, 2021 is our time to grow, again!

We’re not the kind of company that embraces team growth for growth’s sake. Our ambition is to be lean and nimble always, not oversized and flatfooted.

So opportunities to join Wattwatchers are few and far between, and as a team we treasure the times when we can go looking for new hires to hit our own refresh button.

Right now we’re seeking new team members in sales, sales support and web-app development, and we always have an eye open for excellent software engineers.   


Working with Wattwatchers


So what is it like to work with Wattwatchers?

Thanks to Covid-19, currently we are mainly a virtual business with team members in and around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This works well for us. We offer co-working space options in Sydney and Brisbane, but there’s no pressure to commute daily.

What we do embrace – every morning of every working day – is an all-in online standup that keeps us connected with one another, and in the loop in terms of what the business is doing.

We have a management hierarchy of course. What successful enterprise doesn’t? But it’s flat, the mood is collegial, and everyone has a voice.

There’s a lot of shared passion for the global clean energy transition that our platform and products help to enable.

We’re not perfect. We have more to do in key areas like diversity, gender and otherwise.

We are acutely conscious of never losing sight of the need to meet our challenges, internally and externally, to be the best Wattwatchers we can be.


Getting our measure


One measure of a good business to join is the time that people stay and keep on contributing strongly. Another is the success of alumni who’ve moved on. Wattwatchers scores well on both counts.

For people who join us and find success for themselves and our business, there are opportunities to participate in bonuses and our employee share option scheme.

Above all, our talented team is highly experienced and generous in sharing accumulated expertise. 

We do meaningful and rewarding work. We’ve built an amazing network of partners in Australia and internationally. We run groundbreaking projects alongside our business-as-usual, and we co-create solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

Does this sounds like the career experience you are looking for? Please take a look at the positions available now, and also let us know if you are interested in different roles that may open up in the future.  


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