Work with Wattwatchers: we’re hiring for a new project delivery role on the smart energy transition frontline


POSITION DESCRIPTION: Delivery Coordinator for the My Energy Marketplace (MEM) project – applications should be emailed to by 20 July, 2020

About the Role

Wattwatchers recently launched an innovative Australia-wide initiative called “My Energy Marketplace” (the MEM), which is supported by grant funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The MEM will enable an energy data marketplace that provides industry with a critical source of information for a successful “new energy” future, while adhering to and upholding strong principles of consumer data rights.

Through the MEM project we are engaging communities of energy users—in homes, small businesses and schools—to install 5,000+ energy monitoring and control devices over the next three years, delivering changes to the Wattwatchers’ supporting software infrastructure, while validating and developing the market for real-time energy data services within the electricity and related industries.

The Delivery Coordinator: My Energy Marketplace role is responsible for ensuring the successful rollout of the devices for on-ground installation, including positive community and customer engagement, in line with our delivery targets under the ARENA funding agreement.


About Wattwatchers

Wattwatchers is a digital energy technology company enabling fast, powerful, scalable solutions to monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud.

Our mission is to empower energy users with real-time energy data so they can make smart energy decisions. We also believe that energy data is key to achieving a sustainable, fair and highly-productive energy sector.



  • Onboard new rollout partners (which include community groups, corporates, government agencies) once confirmed, to facilitate smooth-running rollouts
  • Manage subcontractor arrangements and training for installation of Wattwatchers devices in locations across Australia
  • Coordinate individual site installations related to MEM rollout, in collaboration with our rollout partners and installers
  • Coordinate internal and external resources (incl. Wattwatchers’ staff and project partners) to ensure delivery of supporting processes, documentation and other materials to achieve successful rollout (e.g. installation guides, process documentation, online systems such as Shopify and Xero etc.)
  • Establish and maintain key documents/systems for visibility of project progress (e.g. project plans, task lists, timelines, etc.)
  • Communicate project progress/challenges to key project stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner
  • Establish and manage systems/processes for the collection of data to meet project reporting requirements—e.g. internal and partner contributions (FTE hours), device purchase and installation figures etc.


  • Performing similar duties for smaller-scale, similar rollouts for other projects that Wattwatchers is involved in, such as the Australian Government’s Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund – Microgrid Program (Heyfield grant project).
  • Liaising with Wattwatchers team on business development opportunities relating to the MEM rollout (e.g. new rollout partners etc.)
  • Assist in the preparation of project milestone reports and Knowledge Sharing documents—e.g. providing project-related information as an input
  • Coordinate with Wattwatchers’ finances team for invoicing and budget management, e.g. tracking expenses and reporting against cash flow forecasts etc.
  • Provide feedback to team and shape the development of onboarding processes, materials and supporting systems (e.g. Onboarding app) from rollout learnings


It is important to note that Wattwatchers is a small, dynamic, growing, and efficient team, with a strong “get in and get things done” ethos. As such there are likely to be tasks that fall outside what is listed here but that you may pick up to meet our commitment to delivery and customer satisfaction.

What this role isn’t

  • Overall project responsibility: Overall accountability for the project rests with the Chief Innovation Officer (who is the MEM project lead) and the CEO. This includes project reporting responsibilities.
  • Business development: the Wattwatchers business development team is responsible for building relationships with rollout partners and “selling in” data services to customers etc.
  • Technical support: While there may be an element of support triage and coordination, the technical aspects of support will be handled by the Engineering team.

Abilities & Experience


  • Demonstrated experience delivering multi-stakeholder projects that include “on-ground” activities (e.g. equipment installation)
  • Practical understanding of agile and traditional project management methodologies (e.g. Scrum, waterfall etc.)
  • An understanding of key accounting principles related to budget and financial management
  • Experience using project management tools (spreadsheets, Trello, timeline tools, etc.)
  • Experience managing commercial supplier relationships
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience working within a remote team, including collaboration tools e.g. Slack, Trello, Miro (online whiteboard)


  • An engineering or electrical background or related experience
  • A passion for transforming the energy sector in line with our mission
  • An understanding of the principles of distributed energy resources, energy monitoring and management, and the growing “digital energy” sector
  • Specific experience delivering ARENA or other Government grant–funded projects

Other requirements

Wattwatchers is a 100% virtual team, with plans to establish co-working arrangements later in 2020 as COVID19 restrictions are eased. In the future, periods of interstate travel may be required (e.g. to meet with partners, attend key events, observe/manage critical roll-out projects.) Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Wattwatchers in accordance with our Staff Travel and Accommodation Policy.


Reports to

Chief Innovation Officer (Grant Young)


No direct reports.

Key external interactions

  • Rollout partners
    • For onboarding, support, and coordinating geographically targeted installation campaigns
  • Installation contractors
    • For individual installations that Wattwatchers is responsible to execute
  • Core project partners, for project tracking and reporting purposes:
    • Solar Schools

TO APPLY: Applications should be emailed to by 20 July, 2020