Wattwatchers added to partner list for GreenSync’s deX project in South Australia




Wattwatchers has been named as a technology participant in the launch of a new electricity system demonstration model that aims to unlock additional benefits for households while ensuring grid protection.

The new model is powered by GreenSync’s Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX) and is supported by the Government of South Australia.

As of now, and running for 12 months, deX is digitally registering distributed energy resources such as solar PV and batteries, helping to simplify enrolment into virtual power plants for electricity consumers, and providing much needed visibility and emergency control to utilities.

GreenSync says: ‘For our customers this means that joining a VPP program from a participating electricity retailer – these currently include Amber Electric, Discover Energy, Powershop and Simply Energy – will be much easier now, paving the way to better manage electricity bills and unlocking more value from their investment.’

Service areas being provided through the deX can include peak demand (i.e. export home solar to the grid), low demand (i.e. increase imports from the grid or reduce exports) and also frequency support for the grid.

In this context, the Wattwatchers suite of current and emerging ‘smart device’ solutions includes options for remotely controlling loads and inverters.

Under the deX recruitment model being deployed with the South Australian Government’s backing, participating consumers are eligible for the project’s registration incentive of up to $100 per site.


GreenSync media release

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