Wattwatchers will be working inside Fusion HVAC air-conditioning systems for big commercial spaces

Helicopter dropping in Fusion HVAC air diffusion module

Imagine 3-tonne HVAC systems dangling from a heavy-lift helicopter as they are delivered on to the roofs of ‘big box’ stores and major storage facilities, where maintaining comfortable air temperature and quality is a crucial operational challenge.

Now imagine a Wattwatchers energy IoT device inside every one of these systems, making them more intelligent and remotely controllable.

Then start deploying them around the world, as Australian innovation company Fusion HVAC is gearing up to do, building off the strong base it has already established in Australia, New Zealand and most recently China.

Not all of Fusion HVAC’s patented Modulair™ systems get the helicopter ride, but it’s impressive when they do, as this video shows.

The objective of the Wattwatchers deal with Fusion HVAC, our first major OEM integration agreement, is that every system will ship with Wattwatchers inside.

Reported by The Fifth Estate. 

Read the full media release here: EINPresswire-495860362-fusion-hvac-deal-targets-growing-international-market-for-ultra-intelligent-high-efficiency-air-conditioning