Video guide helps you to master the Wattwatchers onboarding app

Image of electrician (hands only) installing a Wattwatchers device used to illustrate blog post

The installation of any piece of equipment is important for its success, and this is no different for a Wattwatchers Energy Monitoring and Control device. We’ve invested heavily in making this process as easy, quick and as accurate as possible. Aydin Erel, on our team, has pulled together a detailed video to help you understand better how to use our onboarding tool to ensure your fastest and most accurate installations.


Hi, I’m Aydin Erel, Wattwatchers’ Installation Success Engineer.

Here’s the short video guide I’ve made for the Wattwatchers onboarding app.

Plus, see below for my interlinked tips for getting your installations right – first time, and every time!

For installation, I believe the key to a successful experience with a Wattwatchers device is to:

  1. Make sure you have the right hardware for the job (so scope the job as required, especially for commercial and industrial jobs; order the right kit with enough lead-time for delivery; and think about including back-up items for jobs requiring multi-device installations).
  2. Familiarise yourself and the team with the wiring diagrams and onboarding video.
  3. Make double sure the person installing has access to onboarding tools pre-install.
  4. Make sure the site has access to 4G communications. (Use your smartphone to test carrier signal strength – Wattwatchers uses multi-carrier SIMs which will find the strongest signal at any given location).
  5. Have a spare Auditor with spare parts in the van (always recommended, but especially for regular installers).
  6. If issues arise with installation on site, installers should immediately submit a support request and specify you are on-site requiring assistance.

You’ll also find the Wattwatchers Service Desk here, which is designed for online self-help.