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We’re the first choice for leading solar installers and app providers in Australia, the world’s most dynamic country market for small-scale rooftop PV. Monitor the grid connection and solar generation to determine imports, exports, and on-site consumption. Whether optimising rooftop solar for a single home or business, or a fleet of thousands of PV installations, we can help.


As an emerging data-driven distributed energy solutions company, Clipsal Solar needed to maximise the data it captures from customer sites. Venture-funded by global energy technology group Schneider Electric, and leveraging a famous electrical hardware brand, Clipsal Solar is a rising force in the Australian marketplace.

After extensive trialling and evaluation starting in 2019, Clipsal Solar selected Wattwatchers as its preferred supplier for monitoring devices and data to the cloud. Clipsal Solar began ramping up in 2021, with an eye to international expansion opportunities, and own-branded Wattwatchers Auditor 6M devices are included in all of its installations.

Highly granular energy data is fed into Clipsal Solar’s purpose-developed app, called Clipsal Cortex, via the Wattwatchers API. In addition, Clipsal has integrated the Wattwatchers API into its own onboarding tools for over-the-air corrections, aiding support and improving installation success.

How Wattwatchers can help

Home solar optimisation

Maximise self-consumption to maximise household return on investment.

Performance monitoring

Remotely identify and diagnose system faults & underperformance.

Commercial & industrial

Manage solar generation within the whole-of-site power use profile for built assets.

Solar for schools

Unlock energy and education opportunities to engage students and school communities.

PPA billing

Pay-as-you-go solar installed behind utility meters requires revenue-grade monitoring.

LGC creation

Comply with regulatory requirements for generating certificates from large-scale solar systems.

Export control

Utilise switching capabilities in tandem with monitoring to remotely control solar feed-in.

Solar operations centres

Coordinate fleets of smart devices and multiple data sources in real-time.



Providing billing services for energy is more complex than you might expect. It requires data sourced from revenue-grade meters that are pattern-approved under the requirements of the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Improv is growing a business in billing solutions for solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) providers, which means they need to capture billing data from behind the utility meter.

While Wattwatchers devices provide the same Class 1 accuracy as billing meters, they aren’t NMI pattern-approved and therefore can’t be used for trade and billing purposes on their own. The Auditor 6M+One pairs a cellular Auditor with a pattern-approved, non-communicating CET meter to solve this problem. 

Improv accesses the real-time, granular performance data from the 6M, as well as the approved billing data from the CET meter via our API to provide services to their clients.


When the solar performance monitoring specialists at Solar Analytics were launching their software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution in 2014, they needed monitoring hardware. The key requirement was for a single device that could monitor both a grid connection for imports and exports, and solar generation ex an inverter. 

Wattwatchers enabled this in an ultra-compact form factor for both single- and multi-phase sites, providing Solar Analytics with the flexibility to offer its innovative solar performance monitoring solutions for home and business installations. 

Selected products from the Wattwatchers Auditor range—in particular Auditor models 6M, 3RM and 6M+One—have been own-branded by Solar Analytics as ‘Solar Smart Monitors’ and have now been deployed at tens of thousands of sites.


For billing and trade applications

The 6M+One combines an NMI pattern-approved meter that doesn’t have communications features, with a high-performing, cellular, multi-channel Wattwatchers device.

Single and 3-phase versions are available supporting commercial and residential applications. It’s ultra-compact, easy to install, and connects to the cloud out-of-the-box.

The 6M+One is a proven and cost-effective solution for:

  • Billing
  • Reporting & assurance
  • Compliance & quality control
  • Operations & maintenance
  • PPA & carbon transactions (incl. LGC creation)

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