Schools & education

Use energy data as an engaging educational tool and manage your energy assets at the same time.

Schools are increasingly on the frontline for climate action. Wattwatchers products and services are being used by our customers to offer cutting-edge ‘energy and education’ solutions. These support schools to engage students and the wider community, while delivering emission reductions, energy efficiency and renewables optimisation.


Energy and education pioneers Solar Schools needed reliable 5-minute electricity consumption and solar generation data from schools to deliver its teacher- and student-facing software solutions. Getting this data from regulated energy providers or inverter companies proved to be complex and difficult, if not impossible.

In 2016, Solar Schools invited Wattwatchers to help solve this problem. Since then, Solar Schools has provided hundreds of Australian and New Zealand schools with their innovative software, driven by data from Wattwatchers’ Auditor 6M and Auditor 3RM devices.

In addition to renewables management tools for school administrators, Solar Schools has also proven that the detailed real-time energy data from Wattwatchers devices is a great educational resource across years K–12, in subject areas including mathematics, science, sustainability, and IT.

Solar Schools and Wattwatchers are suppliers to the Queensland Government’s Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) program, which is deploying solar and energy management to over 800 primary and secondary schools statewide. Solar Schools is also a foundation partner in the Wattwatchers-led My Energy Marketplace (MEM) project.

How Wattwatchers can help

Energy education

Partner software options customise energy data for STEM studies K-12.

Solar generation

Monitor and calculate school solar production and system performance.

Energy upgrades

Track overall energy use and emissions profile including air-con costs.

Major programs

Support for government, private and independent school clean energy rollouts.


Schools often are keen to ‘go solar’, with many seeing the potential for integrating smart energy into student education. But funding is always a challenge, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic which has heavily impacted traditional event-based school community fundraising activities.

Zero Positive for Schools is a social enterprise with a solution package that includes a new fundraising model for school communities to get solar installed, and great educational software to go with it, by leveraging the household energy accounts of parents and teachers.

The Net Positive Program is designed to make it easy for schools to take action for a sustainable world, starting with energy and then progressing on to water, waste, transport and regeneration.

The founders of Zero Positive include senior representatives of Wattwatchers customers Radian Energy and Solar Schools.


Our most popular monitoring and control device

The Auditor 6M is our most popular model. The 6M is packed with features in a small, 2U DIN rail form factor.

  • Robust and reliable 3G/4G communications
  • Up to 6 channels of energy data
  • Class 1 accurate
  • 30-second (configurable down to 5 seconds) and 5-minute intervals reporting in real time
  • 60A–600A Current Transformers

The 6M platform is the basis for other models in our range that add additional features such as circuit-level switching (6M+3SW) and Modbus RTU (6M+One & 6M+MB) capabilities.

Get your school connected

Chat to our solution specialists to learn how Wattwatchers’ flexible platform and our partner solutions can benefit your school’s renewable energy and climate change efforts.