Equipment manufacturers

Embed energy data into your operations any way you need, with our flexible and open platform.

Businesses are increasingly demanding their equipment and products provide Internet of Things (IoT) functionality to deliver sophisticated energy management capabilities. Our customers are using the monitoring, circuit-level control and Modbus capabilities of our devices inside of their own products, for HVAC, refrigeration, solar export control and more.


Fusion HVAC makes large air diffusion modules, each weighing about 3 tonnes (and sometimes dropped into rooftops using a helicopter), to provide HVAC services for big-box stores like Ikea and Bunnings Hardware, and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical warehouses. 

Business was taking off internationally for Australasian company Fusion HVAC when it first approached Wattwatchers in 2019. As well as needing granular energy data, Fusion also wanted to automate its operations to allow the modules it sends around the world to be remotely monitored and maintained. 

Using the Modbus-enabled 6M+MB Auditor model (see below), Fusion now connects its Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to the Wattwatchers device to uplink 100-plus additional data points to the Wattwatchers cloud infrastructure. 

Fusion also uses the Wattwatchers ADEPT IoT integration platform to manage its fleet and virtual operations centre.

How a 'Wattwatchers inside' can benefit your product

Monitor power use

Real-time and historical data to track consumption and costs.

Cloud integration

Use our cellular communications to transmit data from your equipment.

Remote switching

Control on/off electrical loads remotely, with scheduling via apps.

Detect anomalies

Machines have energy use 'signatures' that tell a story.


Auditor 6M+MB

For bespoke Modbus integrations

Our 6M+One product utilises the industry-standard Modbus RTU protocol to communicate with a pattern-approved CET meter. The technology that underpins the 6M+One is also available to original equipment manufacturers as the 6M+MB.

We can develop bespoke drivers to leverage these capabilities to read and write data to and from the Modbus registers of your product. This data is then made available via our secure and robust communications platform.

The additional capabilities of the Auditor range, such as energy monitoring and switching, can also be employed depending on your requirements.

Add energy monitoring and IoT capabilities

Tell us about your requirements so we can identify how Wattwatchers Auditor technologies can support your energy and equipment monitoring needs.