Energy services

Help your clients measure, analyse and manage energy to improve business performance.

Innovative ESCOs are building new and improved business models around Wattwatchers solutions, to maintain their edge in the highly-competitive world of energy management. With simpler and more cost-effective deployment compared to traditional metering solutions, we save our customers time and effort, so they can focus on providing value to theirs, and their clients’ businesses.


In recent years, sustained high prices have made energy costs financially material for businesses of all sizes, putting them firmly on the financial and operational radar of C-suite executives and company directors. 

Adelaide-based 2XE specialises in business productivity, with a founding focus on energy, and an expanding ambit covering water, materials and time as well. 2XE understood early in its growth path the undeniable power of data to inform strategic decision-making to address high costs.

Since 2018, 2XE has been using a range of Wattwatchers devices on its jobs and leveraging real-time data via our API. 2XE has also built key aspects of its service delivery around the ADEPT IoT integration platform.

How Wattwatchers can help

Project management

Use data across project lifecycle—baseline, design, implementation and verification.

Certificate creation

Design interventions and prove energy savings—Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs).

Monitor operations

Get real-time reports and track trends over time using historical data.

Measure & Verify

Capture performance evidence for carbon schemes, sustainability rankings, and more...

Detect faults

Use analytics tools to identify/predict faults and schedule repairs/maintenance.

Integrate DER

Accelerate distributed energy, including solar PPAs, scoping offsets, EV charging.

Partner solutions

Choice of in-house and third-party software dashboards and apps.

Demand management

Coordinate loads to reduce peak charges and enable demand response.


With data centres accounting for over 5% of global electricity consumption, and growing, they’ve become a major target for energy saving.

Evergreen Power Solutions (EPS) needed flexible energy monitoring to pilot its new ‘eCap’ software, which stands for Energy Cost Avoidance Program. EPS’ solution is based on a strategic deployment of Wattwatchers metering to provide hard data for:

  • measurement and verification (M&V);
  • air-flow management;
  • HVAC optimisation and recalibration; and
  • reporting back to customers on outcomes

EPS targets older-style data centres and deploys dozens of devices on each floor to directly monitor air-conditioning units, which delivers detailed data while avoiding troublesome site shutdown requirements to install monitoring on mains circuits.

EPS has proven its guaranteed savings model by working with large telecommunications companies in Australia and Singapore, with an eye to wider opportunities in the South East Asian region.


Our most popular monitoring and control device

The Auditor 6M is our most popular model. The 6M is packed with features in a small, 2U DIN rail form factor.

  • Robust and reliable 3G/4G communications
  • Up to 6 channels of energy data
  • Class 1 accurate
  • 30-second (configurable down to 5 seconds) and 5-minute intervals reporting in real time
  • 60A–600A Current Transformers
The 6M platform is the basis for other models in our range that add additional features such as circuit-level switching (6M+3SW) and Modbus RTU (6M+One & 6M+MB) capabilities.

Maintain your edge

We can help you find ways to innovate off the back of Wattwatchers’ flexible digital energy platform to help you and your customers thrive.