Building & asset management

Harness energy data to improve efficiency, performance and emissions.

Our devices provide essential energy data for monitoring and managing performance and optimisation, measurement and verification, and predictive maintenance. Reliable cellular communications can dramatically reduce deployment costs compared to traditional sub-metering solutions that require cabling or manual reading.


Positioning itself as the world’s most comprehensive data and analytics software for sustainability and energy. Envizi supports industry leaders from across the globe to reach their sustainability goals, focusing on reporting, energy management, utility expense management and building optimisation.

Granular energy data is a core input, with Envizi saying: ‘We put data to work, delivering the insights you need to optimise resource use across your buildings and business.’

In a ‘PropTech meets EnergyTech’ collaboration, Envizi and Wattwatchers deployed a solution across the industrial property portfolio held by one of Australia’s leading building asset owners.

How Wattwatchers can help

Monitor operations

Get real-time reports and track trends over time using historical data.

Measure & Verify

Capture performance evidence for carbon schemes, sustainability rankings, and more...

Detect faults

Use analytics tools to identify faults and pinpoint repair requirements.

Plan maintenance

Predict equipment failures and support scheduling maintenance cycles.

Better workplaces

Balance energy use with optimising worker comfort and wellbeing.

Integrate DER

Accelerate distributed energy, including solar PPAs, scoping offsets, EV charging.

Partner solutions

Built-in portability of data, plus choice of software & apps.

Demand management

Coordinate loads to reduce peak charges and enable demand response.


Electricity consumption in the ‘common property’ areas of strata-titled apartment buildings can be a significant component of the costs driving body corporate fees, but frequently owners and strata committees are powerless to manage this added financial burden effectively.

Sydney-based startup Wattblock specialises in helping strata committees save electricity, benchmark performance, and add solar and electric vehicle (EV) charging to their sites.

Through the My Energy Marketplace (MEM) project Wattblock is offering a special deal for strata managers to install Wattwatchers devices and access Wattwatchers services.

With greater visibility of where electricity is being consumed, when, and how much, Wattblock can then advise strata committees on saving strategies.


For commercial & industrial applications

The Auditor 3RM uses Rogowski coils, suitable for circuits up to 3000A, to monitor one 3-phase load. This makes it ideal for commercial and industrial applications where monitoring of higher loads is required.

With robust cellular communications, and the same compact form factor as the remainder of the Auditor range, the 3RM provides a reliable method of monitoring essential plant and equipment, to evaluate performance, detect faults and anomalies, and perform predictive maintenance.

Manage your assets better

Learn more about how you can adapt Wattwatchers’ flexible platform to solve your building and asset management challenges.