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What can you create with real-time, detailed energy data?

Have you identified a creative opportunity not listed here? We’re flexible by design—we can help you add energy data and rapidly transform your ideas into live services. We’ve seen lots of great ideas for both energy and non-energy smart solutions that use our data and switching. There’s no need to build your own hardware and related IT infrastructure. We’re software agnostic, partner-friendly and always open to exploring new collaborations.

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Smart Public Amenities

In the fast-evolving world of apps and the Internet of Things (IoT), the smart management of public facilities is an innovation opportunity space that regularly catches our attention. It might be the smart management and remote control of council assets – ranging from electric BBQs to smart street infrastructure like sheltered bus stops – or the inevitable proliferation of public electric vehicle (EV) charging sites. Our customers constantly inspire us with their ingenious solutions, many of which sit outside the norms of what many would consider to be the ‘traditional energy sector’.

There’s lots more ‘electric-powered assets’ in the public arena to think about too: street lighting, traffic lights, sports grounds, outdoor advertising billboards. The list goes on, and the solution possibilities are many! We can help by providing real-time data and ‘distributed visibility’, reliable uplinks, and switching functionality. 

At Wattwatchers we pride ourselves on facilitating ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking across an expanding range of communications, monitoring and remote control requirements. We aim to make public amenities smarter, and better for the people they serve. Our ‘Wattwatchers inside’ approach means we’re happy to be part of a bigger solution. Bring on the ideas!

How Wattwatchers can help

Easy API integration

Robust industry-standard REST API to ‘pull’ data & also ask about ‘push’ options.

Datasets to share

You can request access to real datasets to help advance your ideas.

Uplink opportunities

Extend our energy data with your own equipment data via our communications backbone.

Cellular & WiFi

Wireless communications built-in with no extra hubs or gateways required.

Modbus customisations

We can provide customised hardware integrations enabled by Modbus RTU.

Cross-cutting tech

Throw energy data into the mix with FinTech, PropTech, MediTech and more...

Industry 4.0

Add value beyond energy-specific use cases e.g. predictive analytics, asset protection.

IoT integrations

Mix energy into diverse data sources such as weather, location, proximity, and more...


From software tinkering to blockchain & AI

University of Wollongong final-year software engineering student Jack W. Speed took an interest in solar at a crucial time in his studies. Jack shaped the capstone project he needed to complete his degree around developing his own consumption monitoring dashboard, including bill forecasting. To do this he needed monitoring data, but the cost and complexity of installing sites in the COVID era made this an even bigger challenge than usual. 

Wattwatchers helped out with datasets from already-installed sites and Jack ended up with excellent feedback and top marks, saying: ‘It has been a rewarding project to work on and we think we have made a functional platform with a real focus on user experience.’ Now Jack’s moving on to exploring predictive maintenance opportunities as well—we’re looking forward to what he comes up with next… 

Wattwatchers welcomes up-and-coming and experienced innovators alike to work with our kit and tools, helping them to ideate and evolve their own solutions. Whether that be new software solutions, IoT integration, UX, blockchain, machine learning, or something even more on the tech cutting edge—we’re happy to help.

Glowing cubes block, glass material, 3d rendering.


For switching of loads and solar export control

The Auditor 6M+3SW combines all of the functionality of the flexible and reliable Auditor 6M with circuit-level switching capabilities.

Contactors are available for switching of single- or three-phase circuits, and can also be connected to other equipment, such as inverters, to remotely trigger control functions (such as solar export control).

Got a great idea?

Our solution consultants work with you to understand your unique context and needs, so we can work out which options—from Wattwatchers and our partners—can help bring your vision to life.