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Our open and flexible API makes it easy to bring energy data into your app.

With dozens of successful integrations, our customers tell us they really appreciate our partner-friendly, software-agnostic approach. The simplicity of our API, and our comprehensive documentation, makes integration a breeze. Our scalable and robust infrastructure supports you as your solution grows. And you can use our data services and the My Energy Marketplace datasets to engage customers and validate your solution.


Energy management software-as-a-service group Wattics aims to comprehensively support energy professionals who are designing and delivering efficiency and other upgrade projects. While many energy management software offerings focus on ‘sites’, Wattics’ solution also provides a ‘projects’ perspective.

As Wattics was looking to expand its metering options for markets around the world, they added support for Wattwatchers devices into their product suite. The integration with our API was straightforward, and the cloud-connected combination of Wattics and Wattwatchers has been available internationally since 2019.

Wattics provides a wealth of insight into how meter and sensor data, weather data, IoT, renewable and business data are correlated in industrial and commercial facilities. Its machine-learning technology enables Wattwatchers customers to quickly:

  • identify energy waste;
  • save money;
  • track savings over time;
  • calculate, monitor and report on carbon emissions;
  • and much more.

Benefits of our API approach


Get access to all of the energy and Modbus data generated by our devices. Securely access switching and device configuration.


AWS-hosted system that is designed from the ground up to be vertically and horizontally scalable. Stream-based API available if you have high-scale requirements.


Our solid device design and cloud infrastructure ensure that you never lose energy data, even when device communications outages occur.

Industry standards

Token-based authentication, JSON payloads, and more make it easy for you to integrate using standard tools without the need for special libraries.

Well documented

Comprehensive documentation is publicly available, outlining all the key concepts and providing tips and guidance to achieve a quick integration.


All data is protected in transit using industry-standard SSL technology.

Full access

Access 30-second and 5-minute energy data, Modbus data, switching capabilities, and device configuration. Everything you need to integrate devices into your app.


Connect with our developers via our support tools to get answers to your development questions and help you architect a robust solution.


Energy management is hungry for timely, granular data. One of Wattwatchers longest-established customers, Simble, is an ASX-listed company offering energy intelligence and productivity software solutions.

Operating mainly in Australia and the UK, Simble’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model works for both commercial and industrial sites (SimbleSense), and residential ones (SimbleHome).

Simble is hardware-agnostic, and Wattwatchers is software-agnostic, allowing non-exclusive partnering that works well for both businesses.


Find out how easy it is to bring energy data into your application.

Our web-based REST API utilises industry-standard technologies to enable integration with your solutions. This means you can get up and running quickly. 

Our customers tell us they really appreciate our open approach, our API’s simplicity, and our comprehensive documentationSome partners have reported integrating in less than 4 hours!

We also provide stream-based API options for scale customers with a large number of devices.

Start integrating today

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