Use cases

Embed energy data into your operations any way you need, using our flexible and open platform.

Our devices and data drive businesses and initiatives at the forefront of the clean energy transition. The ways that Wattwatchers technology is meeting our customers’ needs are as wide and varied as our customers themselves. Here are just a few examples of how our customers are leveraging energy data provided by the Wattwatchers platform.
Working with solar and DER in residential or commercial applications? Wattwatchers provides the data you need for PV performance monitoring, solar PPAs, LGC creation, load control & coordination, and more.
Building hardware that needs remote energy monitoring? Putting a ‘Wattwatchers inside’ gives you monitoring, circuit-level control and Modbus capabilities. Monitor performance, outages, and other key factors to better manage your fleet.
Looking to increase value for tenants and more efficiently manage your assets? Get the usage data that is essential to meeting building codes and sustainability rating requirements. Verify your progress towards energy productivity targets.
Providing services that drive operational and cost efficiency? Wattwatchers provides the data you need to scope and design energy management interventions, measure and verify performance (M&V), and remain connected with your projects and customers.
Want to improve your school’s renewable energy profile, or engage students around sustainability? Wattwatchers data underpins solar performance and energy management for hundreds of schools, including most state schools in Queensland. Our partners use energy data to provide engaging curriculum-ready programs.
Needing data and control options to better manage your energy assets? Wattwatchers technology is embedded in commercial projects, pilots and research for microgrids, virtual power plants (VPPs), local energy trading initiatives—and more—that are bringing about the digital-and-distributed ‘Grid 2.0’ future.

Building an innovative app or SaaS solution that needs energy data? Wattwatchers is ‘inside’ many industry-leading solutions. Our third-generation API provides an industry-standard interface that makes it super-quick for you to integrate energy data into your products, at any scale (from startup to nation-wide fleet).

Building solutions for EV charging and energy system integration? Smart cars and charging systems need energy data for maximum effectiveness. Wattwatchers devices are already at work in the management of electric forklift fleets, the integration of EVs into energy management systems, vehicle-to-grid trials, and more.

But what about [insert your idea here]? Wattwatchers is flexible and adaptable, helping you rapidly transform creative opportunities into live services. No need to build your own hardware and related IT infrastructure—we’re software agnostic, partner-friendly and always open to exploring new collaborations.

What are your needs?​​

Let us know what you are trying to achieve so we can demonstrate how Wattwatchers can fit into your solution.