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We asked CTO Jon Keeble to highlight solution features

by Darius Salgo
posted on Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Wattwatchers CTO Jon Keeble does a quick download on favourite features of the energy monitoring devices he’s created:

  • Wattwatchers devices can be thought of as internet appliances.
  • 6-channel products includes 6 energy meters.
  • The 6M communicates over 2G/3G, and 6W over WiFi.
  • Devices have three phase voltage inputs P1-3.
  • They support 6 current transformers (CH1-6).
  • CH1 and CH4 are by default associated with P1, CH2/5 with P2, CH3/6 with P3.
  • 3M is the same as 6M except it has only 3 energy meters.
  • Many parameters are OTA (over the air) configurable.
  • The default associations between P1-3 and CH1-6 can be changed (OTA re-configured).
  • Power data is reported at 5-second intervals (configurable to large values).
  • Energy data is logged in the meter in 5-minute fixed intervals.
  • Hosting services request energy data and so don’t miss data.
  • Devices continue to log energy data for weeks even when comms is ‘down’.
  • Devices connect to up to two hosting services.
  • Devices keep time using an internet connected time server.
  • Devices report to and are supported by the WW DMS (device management server).
  • The DMS supports installs, and provides configuration, code update, and data validation.
  • Devices have no physical controls.
  • Factory fitted options support load control and Modbus RTU functions.
  • 6W WiFi is configured using a smart phone (WiFi connection and browser).
  • 6M is highly secure, using the mobile network and secure internet connections
  • 6W protocol uses HTTPS, like a bank.
  • 6W supports 802.11b/g/n on 2.4GHz, not 5GHz. Range is better on 2.4GHz.
  • Device code update is highly secure.
  • Even if a WiFi WPA2 network is penetrated (password stolen?) HTTPS remains secure
  • Devices cannot be used to penetrate a WLAN network
  • The data in a utility meter mounted outside a house is easily accessed; no password!
  • 6M generates about 17MB/month reporting every 30 seconds.
  • 6M data can be reduced arbitrarily to about 2MB/month, reporting infrequently.
  • Multiphase installs require CT’s to be correctly located: WW on-boarding tools can help.
  • Wattwatchers tested to comply with Australian, NZ, European and US (1Q18) standards.