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Wattwatchers API now supports combined 3-phase

by Murray Hogarth
posted on Saturday, July 20th, 2019


As Wattwatchers expands into Commercial & Industrial (C&I) use cases, where 3-phase circuits are the norm, we’ve had more and more requests to show the three phases as a combined energy data report.

Historically, each phase has been reported separately via our v2 API, and then software partners have combined them in their own solutions.

Now the v3 cloud infrastructure released in March 2019 has allowed an upgrade, which is explained in this Phase Grouping summary for v3.2 of the API.

The introduction to this API information summary says:

Wattwatchers devices are highly flexible and can be installed in a number of different configurations.

A common use case is installation in a 3 phase environment, which in Australia is a popular form of polyphase system.

In past iterations, the Wattwatchers API provided a circuit-level view of energy data where a phase was represented across multiple individual channels. Phase-related metadata was not tracked for a device, nor returned via the API.

This meant that calling systems needed to track this information separately and perform the required calculations on data returned via the API to present a single energy data-point for each phase group.

As of API version 3.2 (released July 2019) the API provides a mechanism for storing and retrieving this metadata, as well as retrieving energy data organised by phase.

This support note examines how these features work.