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Switching and timestamp guides

by Grant Young
posted on Friday, August 16th, 2019

We’ve just updated our documentation to add two new guides that may assist you on your journey using the Wattwatchers API.

Switching guide

Some Wattwatchers device models (such as the 6M+3SW and 6M+One) support switching functionality to control external circuits.

Since v3.1 of the Wattwatchers API (released in May 2019) you can change the switch state and related settings via the API.

We’ve created a support note which outlines some background concepts and provides some example API payloads to demonstrate how to execute a switch state change using the Wattwatchers API.

Working with timestamps and timezones

The Wattwatchers API uses Unix timestamps for passing date-time values to the API (e.g. via query string parameters) and for data that is returned via the API (e.g. the timestamp attribute of energy data).

This timestamp format is timezone agnostic, which is one of the reasons we use it. It provides a consistent method of representing time regardless of timezone and Daylight Savings rules.

This is all great, but for those of us who aren’t familiar with this way of working with date-time, it can fry the brain a little.

So we’ve created an introductory guide to assist getting started with these beautiful numbers…