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Guide to Wattwatchers’ charges for data, communications and software services

by Murray Hogarth
posted on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

This post provides an overview of Wattwatchers’ approach to its ongoing subscriptions for data, communications and software services, including FAQs. It will be updated from time to time to maintain a contemporary summary.

Most Wattwatchers devices sold directly to our customers will be supplied with a minimum of one year’s data services, and communications charges where relevant, to be prepaid as part of the initial purchase. These data charges become active at the time of installation, not at the time of receiving goods.

Once devices are installed and have been operating for the initial prepaid period of 12 months, customers will be issued with invoices in advance for a further year, and so on each year for the life of the device – consistent with our standard Terms of Use.

Also, in cases where devices have been operating for longer than the prepaid period, customers may be invoiced in arrears for the relevant period of elapsed time in order to catch up on their subscriptions.

Standard examples of these charges are:



                          What it covers

        Applies to

Service of Data – Basic charge of $1 (ex GST) per device per month*/$12 per annum

API access, basic visualisation dashboard, over-the-air maintenance and updating of installed devices, standard Support** 

All Wattwatchers devices – WiFi and Cellular models

Cellular communications – Basic charge of $4 (ex GST) per device per month/$48 per annum

Supply of SIM by Wattwatchers for 3G and 4G cellular services and data plan to allow devices to uplink to the internet running at 30-second transmissions for Short Energy reporting and 5-minute transmissions for Long Energy**.

Cellular Wattwatchers devices – 3G and 4G

Switching – additional basic charge of $1 (ex GST) per device per month/$12 per annum

Access to Switching capabilities via the Wattwatchers API and related Support.

WiFi and Cellular models supplied with the Switching option.

Modbus – – additional basic charge of $1 (ex GST) per device per month/$12 per annum

Access to Modbus driver capabilities via the Wattwatchers API and related Support.

Cellular devices fitted with the Modbus option (may also include Switching). Not currently available in WiFi.

*B2B customers with large device fleets may be invoiced monthly, by negotiation, based on the verified number of ‘live’ devices in the previous month

**Higher levels of Support may be available to large users by negotiation

***Higher or lower charges may apply to vary reporting frequency (available to large users, and special use cases such as research projects, by negotiation)


How can I cancel my Wattwatchers subscriptions?

Users can ask for their device or devices to be disconnected from the Wattwatchers API – and/or have the cellular SIM/data plan turned off – by requesting this in writing to our Support desk, using the email address You will need to provide the 13-character ID code for each device, and we will need to verify that you are recorded as the relevant customer. To avoid further charges, this must be done at least one month (30 days) in advance of the relevant prepaid period ending. 

Can I get a refund if I choose to stop using my Wattwatchers service during a prepaid period?

Prepaid subscriptions are not refundable. 

Can I pay monthly rather than yearly?

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Wattwatchers policy only allows monthly billing of subscriptions for customers with larger fleets (>100 devices), and following an initial prepaid period of 12 months.

Can I prepay for longer than 12 months?

Yes, customers can prepay for longer periods, by agreement made with Wattwatchers at the time of placing their orders. Examples of longer-term pre-payment arrangements that we have made with customers include: 2 years/24 months, 3 years/36 months, 5 years/60 months and 10 years/120 months. It is recommended that customers pre-paying for greater than the standard warranty period of 3 years should also purchase a commensurate extended warranty for each device (extended warranty periods are 5 years, 7 years and 10 years).

Can I have a service reconnected after having it disconnected?

Reconnection cannot be guaranteed but may be possible on a case-by-case basis. A fee of $50 ex GST per device applies for attempting reconnection, plus subscription renewals. Data from the period when the service is disconnected will not be available when the service is reconnected.

Can subscription accounts be transferred by installers to end customers?

Often electricians install Wattwatchers devices for their customers, in both residential and commercial settings, but don’t want to maintain the data and communications subscriptions longer term. We recommend that installers buying from Wattwatchers include the first-year subscription costs in their invoices to their customers and then advise Wattwatchers of the name, address and email contact details for their customers to ensure that any subscription renewal alerts or invoices are sent directly to the customers after the first 12 months. Please use the ticketed Support system, via the email address