SIM switch to Thinxtra’s IoT solution powered by Soracom boosts our smart energy growth path

For years Wattwatchers Digital Energy has been searching for a smarter, more flexible cellular communications solution in order to better serve our customers. Now we’ve found it, with built-in international roaming for over 130 countries and multi-carrier functionality.


IoT energy management devices connected to cellular networks enable the majority of Wattwatchers’ real-time, data-driven services.

Compared with wireless networks, cellular offers faster, more robust connections for IoT devices to send data to the cloud and receive instructions back, independent of the communications network of the home or business.

Traditionally, however, Wattwatchers has found that cellular carrier services for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications have tended to be overpriced and below expectations when it comes to functionality and performance.

As a growth business expanding internationally, what we’ve been looking for is a competitively-priced cellular service provider with SIMs (subscriber identity modules) that can turn on in most countries around the world, and that will work with whatever is the strongest carrier service at the relevant installation location.

Recently we found what we wanted through Australian-based IoT telco Thinxtra, which has published a Partner Profile featuring Wattwatchers in its latest newsletter.

Thinxtra’s solution is powered by Japan-based Soracom, a world-leading connectivity platform built specifically for IoT, with single integration and configuration capabilities that power cellular network access across more than 130 countries. 

Through this cellular IoT network solution, Thinxtra with Soracom gives Wattwatchers:

  • Fingertip control of our device fleet
  • Seamless expansion to new markets and offers customers
  • Faster, easier installation and ongoing management
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go communications pricing models
  • Seamless deployment to international markets

  This in turn allows Wattwatchers to serve our customers better.


Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz says:

When we reviewed our SIM and cellular data plan supply needs, our core requirements were flexibility and enhanced functionality. Thinxtra’s cellular IoT solution, powered by Soracom, offered the most strategic long-term benefit to our business. We partnered with Thinxtra because we wanted a like-minded supplier that understands the needs of a scale up business and is flexible enough to create fit-for-purpose solutions.

‘Thinxtra’s solution brings cellular communications into the IoT era, with a great connectivity management platform that gives Wattwatchers fingertip control of our device fleet. Since deployment, the solution has performed seamlessly. We enjoy extra application protocol interface options; and great in-the-field functionality and global multi-carrier capabilities.‘