Short film’s ‘back to the future’ vibe as town seeks local energy solutions

Group shot of Heyfield community members attending workshop for the MyTown Microgrid project co-led by Wattwatchers


HEYFIELD, 29 March, 2023: Last century, in the early days of electricity, towns ran their own energy systems locally.

Now a Victorian town has captured its data-driven, 21st century journey to find local energy solutions in a short film to share its experience with other communities around Australia and internationally.

The historic timber community of Heyfield, in the Central Gippsland region near the brown coal heartland of the Latrobe Valley, is the star of the show.

Thanks to the three-year, $1.9 million MyTown Microgrid feasibility study hosted by Heyfield, which is coming to an end on 30 June this year, the community has had access to outside expertise and cutting-edge technologies for a deep-dive investigation into its energy future.

As a project output, this journey of local energy discovery will now be shared via – an online ‘Decision Support Tool’, designed for use by other communities to help them streamline and fast-track their own local energy projects.

The 10-minute short film being released today (29/03/2023) will provide these other communities with a window into the Heyfield journey and the people behind it.

The main film is supported by a package of video interviews from participants in the MyTown project, and has been funded by University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS ISF). The film, titled ‘MyTown Microgrid: A community’s energy journey’, also can be viewed on the UTS YouTube site.

UTS ISF, a leading sustainability research institution in Australia, has co-led the MyTown project along with the Heyfield Community Resource Centre (HCRC) and industry partner, Wattwatchers Digital Energy.

Funding for the MyTown project has been provided by the Australian Government’s Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund (RRCRF), which awarded a $1.75 million grant in 2020; and also the Victorian Government’s Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA), which contributed $100,000.


Emma Birchall, Community Liaison Officer, Heyfield MyTown Microgrid 0424 922765

Amber McCulloch, Marketing and Communications Lead, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures,, 0415 205 987