Real-time energy data for managing accommodation

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Insight collaboration platform Conexie partners with Wattwatchers Digital Energy to help accommodation hosts reduce energy bills with a home energy management system (HEMS).


SYDNEY, October 31, 2022: Through the combination of innovative software and energy IoT hardware, short-stay (e.g. Airbnb, Stayz etc.) rental accommodation hosts can understand their energy consumption to manage it better, reduce costs, decrease carbon, and even turn appliances on and off remotely when sites are unoccupied.

Conexie, a software platform specialising in actionable insights, and leading energy monitoring company Wattwatchers announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to make critical energy data directly available to accommodation hosts, in real-time.

For hosts, the ‘Energy Tenant’ solution provided by Conexie-Wattwatchers is tailored to convert energy awareness, control and accountability into savings, as the webpage for the new offer explains. For guests, it provides an opportunity to better understand the impacts of their away stays.

The joint solution brings together Internet of Things (IoT) energy monitoring devices with insights software. Wattwatchers has over 50,000 of its smart devices deployed across the world, and Conexie is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that can surface this data to hosts and their guests as they consume energy during their stay.

‘Times have changed very quickly, we are seeing energy prices skyrocket, and sadly even some energy companies cannot even stay in business,’ said Conexie Co-founder Matthew Waugh. ‘This partnership introduces transparency to an otherwise unassessed part of a guest’s stay.’

Waugh said the initiative was not about embarrassing or punishing guests for overusing energy during their rental stays. ‘It’s designed to work proactively to prevent the overuse in the first place, to make it visible to guests during their stays, and to provide hosts with insights into how their assets are performing and how a potential hardware upgrade may add value.’

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz welcomed the partnership with Conexie. 

‘Because of this partnership,’ said Dietz, ‘rental hosts can become more aware of the cost of their electricity, and also obtain data-driven insights into what is consuming energy on-site. With the control option, they can turn appliances on and off remotely. If they have rooftop solar, their system can be used more efficiently during the sunshine hours, and if they don’t have solar, they can obtain insights into how it would benefit them and reduce the burden of the forthcoming 50%+ energy increase that are on their way. In addition, these same hosts will soon be needing EV charging points and even more drains on their energy account.

‘Our platform is reliable, accurate and always available,  and is trusted by customers around the world. We’re very excited to see how we can work with Conexie to help accommodation hosts protect their bottom line, and the planet’s well-being too.’

About Wattwatchers: Wattwatchers is Australia’s leading digital energy platform, enabling fast, powerful and scalable solutions to monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real time – maximising the benefits from renewable energy, green building and carbon and energy management. Our solutions suite spans devices, datasets, analytics, software and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, for energy and non-energy applications across home, community, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases. Our open business model promotes technology collaborations via our REST API. More information at:

About Conexie: Conexie is a fast growing IoT and comms start-up out of Sydney, Australia. Conexie’s native app and web based SaaS platform aggregates,  monitors and organises multiple, often siloed data sources to surface actionable insights to the right people so they can discuss, learn and take action. More information at: 

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Home screen for the solution

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