Manage energy use and streamline your operations across assets & technologies.

With machinery, assets and energy infrastructure distributed across multiple sites and technologies, it’s becoming ever-harder to keep track of everything that’s happening. Real-time electricity data is a valuable tool for improving asset operation and detecting faults, but frequently is under-utilised.

ADEPT helps you deliver a more proactive and scalable service with real-time data views, the flexibility to customise analytics, and support to eliminate manual tasks. You can skip expensive development phases and deploy a sophisticated monitoring, management and optimisation tool in weeks, unencumbered by geography, asset class, or your existing technologies.

ADEPT is the all-in-one tool to harness the power of electricity data for asset management, while providing the flexibility to adapt solutions to fit your business, and boosting wider operational productivity by making the best use of software automation.


Who’s it for?

ADEPT supports organisations that have a geographically-disparate set of energy-hungry assets, enabling you to:

  • Reduce energy & overheads
  • Boost asset productivity
  • Cut manual effort & grow service consistency
  • Deliver responsive services & reduce down-time
  • Prioritise & predict maintenance needs
  • Integrate systems & monitor real-time productivity

We have partnered with Rayven, coupling their IoT and Machine Learning technology with our smart energy hardware, to give you the visibility, business insights and management control you need. Create additional value by combining essential data from other devices and platforms as well.

Wattwatchers ADEPT was named as an Energy Award finalist in the 2021 IoT Awards.


Fusion HVAC

When Fusion HVAC set itself a mission to develop and productise the next generation of ultra high efficiency air conditioning products and patented air diffusion solutions, it wanted a smart management platform with built-in flexibility. An emerging objective was to create a new energy-focused business model operating in parallel with Fusion HVAC’s established air management services, which target big box stores and temperature-sensitive warehouses.

Traditional, more restrictive off-the-shelf options were ruled out early on. Fusion HVAC saw the need to customise solutions for both the platform, and for individual customers, and to safely and securely embed its own intellectual property as the new model evolved. Having already established an innovation-based commercial relationship with Wattwatchers, Fusion HVAC chose our ADEPT platform.

ADEPT enables Fusion HVAC to combine the real-time energy data from Wattwatchers (using our Auditor 6M and Modbus-enabled 6M+MB models) with other data, including from its own Building Management System (BMS), and to generate useful insights for its customers. It provides its customers with a customised dashboard and tailored monthly actions to keep improving performance over time, with measurement and verification (M&V) built-in.

In mid-2021, Fusion HVAC started rolling out the new model via a field demonstration at about 20 stores run by a national chain. 

Features & Benefits

Everything in one place

Monitor and manage your operations from one place. Drill-down into a single asset, compare performance across classes, or see how your sites differ; then make data-driven decisions and exert control, simply.

Integrate anything

Energy asset management is complicated and made more difficult by a lack of interoperability. ADEPT can quickly integrate with other devices, machines and platforms to give a complete real-time view.

Automate your fleet

ADEPT gives you the ability to automate asset monitoring and management, both for troubleshooting and identifying energy-efficiency and optimisation opportunities.

Future ready

ADEPT is assembled on a sophisticated AI and IoT platform with in-built Machine Learning capabilities (Python). Infinitely scalable, it’s everything you’ll ever need to evolve and improve into the future.

Quick to deploy

ADEPT is affordable, can be deployed in weeks and is ready to scale. This enables you to avoid expensive development exercises and to generate an ROI, fast.


ADEPT is easy-to-use and highly- customisable. Beyond deployment, you can iterate and improve your solution, embedding your own IP and keeping costs and complexity low.

Discover ADEPT for yourself

Speak to us today to discover what ADEPT is capable of doing for your business and just how much money you will be able to save via intelligent, IoT and ML-led energy management.