Wattwatchers devices come with a suite of tools for you to manage your fleet and benefit from your energy data.

Use our software toolkit, leverage the services of our dozens of partners, or build your own solution… With Wattwatchers you can mix-and-match the best options to make your energy data work harder for you.


Essentials Toolkit

As part of the ongoing device subscription, you get access to three web-based tools:

  1. Fleet Management: provides an overview of your fleet, installation review tools, and a snapshot of your devices’ health.

  2. Onboarding: used by installers to configure devices on their smartphone—with nothing to download. They can verify everything is working, before leaving site. Fleet managers can also use the web app to remotely verify and manage device configuration.

  3. Dashboard: a basic energy monitoring dashboard for customers to see their sites and data.

Smartphone app

The app, available for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, provides an intelligent, real-time energy management app for homes and small businesses.

With the app, your customers can:

  • See what’s happening in their home, right now
  • Work out what is using the most energy
  • Make sure they’re on the best electricity plan
  • Set an energy budget target and get daily progress notifications
  • See their energy snapshot as widgets on the home screen (iOS only)
  • Get real-time alerts based on a daily, monthly or quarterly budget


ADEPT is an agile development tool for digitising distributed energy. With ADEPT you can rapidly customise how you manage your fleet of systems, supporting integration and interoperability. 

It includes features for fleet analytics, real-time performance analysis, and ‘zero-code’ ways to fast-prototype and refine new analytics rules. ADEPT provides you flexibility to develop ‘bespoke’ solutions at a fraction of the traditional cost. 

This enables you to assess what works best for you to rapidly respond to constantly evolving technologies, standards and regulatory requirements.

MyEnergy Plus

Developed by Wattwatchers for the commercial and industrial built environment, the MyEnergy Plus Sustainability dashboard simplifies monitoring, data management and reporting for electricity, carbon and water*.

Granular sub-metering is more important than ever for building investors and their facilities managers, who have to address Net Zero decarbonisation, sustainability rankings, renewables, demand management and electrification. 

MyEnergy Plus streamlines building code compliance and reporting for Green Star and other sustainability performance and rating tools. Using the wireless Wattwatchers Auditor® hardware to collect highly granular electricity data in real-time, MyEnergy Plus makes it easy and cost-effective to track, analyse and report. 

*Additional third-party equipment is required for water monitoring.

Mercury logo (white on transparent)

Our 3rd-generation cloud infrastructure, which we call Mercury, is a robust and proven platform.

Hosted in Sydney Australia by Amazon Web Services, it is built on successful open-source technologies that are trusted by digital industry heavyweights like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linked In.

20 m

Energy data messages per day

1.1 m

API requests per day


% API up-time

Wattwatchers API

Our web-based REST API utilises industry standard technologies to enable integration with your solutions, or to get your data into one of the dozens of industry integrations that are ‘Wattwatchers ready’.

This means you can get up and running quickly. Our customers tell us they really appreciate our open approach, our API’s simplicity, and our comprehensive documentation.

Some partners have reported integrating in less than 4 hours!

We provide stream-based solutions with improved performance and scale for our volume customers, so we can support you as your solution grows.

See how our tools can support you​

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