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Solar + Internet of Things

Wattwatchers helps you to create your own unified Solar Operations Centre, or SOC, a dynamic solutions suite powered by our ADEPT platform for digitising distributed energy.

Your SOC is where the Internet of Things (IoT) gets integrated with distributed energy resources (DER), harnessing the power of data and promoting interoperability.

Creating a SOC will reboot your solar business, unlocking new opportunities to:
-Boost performance and responsiveness to customers
-Automate outdated manual people processes and make growth easier
-Design, refine and deliver unique services
-Develop and protect your IP to create a unique customer experience
-Apply ‘control’ solutions (e.g. solar export control, divert solar generation to electric hot water system)
-Up-sell to larger PV systems, batteries and more

A SOC is agile and intelligent, with the flexibility to match your day-to-day operations, automate key business processes, manage across different technology types and brands, and rapidly adapt to changes in the marketplace.

It all starts with data

Wattwatchers Energy IoT technology delivers high-quality data, accurate to within 1%, to the cloud in real-time. Such data is the lifeblood of any good analytics. Wattwatchers data helps you manage solar performance more tightly, with greater accuracy than inverters, and provides 5-30 second instantaneous values essential for diagnosing inverter issues remotely. The quality, independence and availability of Wattwatchers data underpin development of your own SOC.

Intelligence + flexibility

The Wattwatchers ADEPT platform is a major new service that combines real-time energy data with Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities, offering an agile, multi-purpose technology for managing and optimising distributed energy. Early use cases include solar operations centres, HVAC optimisation and load orchestration. ADEPT is where Grid 2.0 meets Industry 4.0 to fast-track flexible, data-driven solutions cost-effectively.

Digitising your solar services

A strong digital experience is an embedded customer expectation across all sectors in today’s tech-savvy world. People really do expect there to be ‘an app for that’, whatever ‘that’ is, and managing distributed energy resources is no exception. Wattwatchers has an app to use out-of-the-box, we have partners to help you create something unique quickly, and we also provide an API feed to all Wattwatchers data enabling you to create your own tools.

Your own Solar Operations Centre

We make it easy to manage fleets of solar systems and provide the agility for wider energy management capabilities, including:

-Data-driven solar operations and maintenance (O&M) with Automated Fault Detection, Issue Management and Down-Time Tracking, supporting you to be more responsive.

-Scalability across residential and commercial portfolios, providing a single place to manage your often far-flung operations.

-Sophisticated solar performance monitoring and flexible visualisation.

-Custom business logic to automate the identification of ‘New Energy’ upgrades e.g. battery storage, electric vehicles, panel care services, voltage optimisation.

-Connectivity to the other business platforms you use to manage your business, including CRM and Work order systems.

-Ingestion of real-time data feeds from sensors, platforms or controllers, enabling your business to expand into smart-home and beyond-solar energy management services.

-Aggregation of hundreds or thousands of sites for virtual power and demand plants.

-Leveraging IoT and machine learning, while laying foundations for artificial intelligence.


ELIMINATE ‘CLUNKY’: Many solar companies are struggling to manage services across multiple platforms. Just think of all the solar, battery and hybrid inverter brands and models in the marketplace, and the interoperability challenges that this proliferation of options is creating. A Wattwatchers SOC, with IoT integration capabilities built in, shifts fleet management from clunky to highly-coordinated. We help you access the right tools to transform your services from reactive to proactive, enriching your customers’ experiences and streamlining your own operations.

FUTURE-PROOFING: The built-in flexibility of a SOC will help to future-proof your solar services business. Information and communications technologies continue to evolve rapidly. Software is changing relentlessly. Business models are transforming. Flexibility is highly-valued to ensure you can adapt to emerging business needs, avoid ‘lock-in’ to outdated technologies, and strategically future-proof your systems and processes. Since rapid change is now a standard operating assumption, you need to add flexibility as a solution design imperative.

CAPTURE KNOWLEDGE: You and your team know a lot, and your own SOC can help your business to capture this knowledge to create differentiated services. Your team has decades of combined experience in solar, but it’s hard to scale that experience across your growing installed base. ADEPT can be used to capture the teams’ experience in business rules that are automatically and consistently applied to data streams, supporting the delivery of your unique service.

AUTOMATE PROCESSES: Many solar businesses still use manual processes to manage their growing fleets of installed assets, and use multiple tools to run he business, like a CRM and job management system. This means that important things inevitably get missed, and mistakes frequently go undetected. It’s also a barrier to scaling up. Automation, underpinned by real-time and highly-granular data, can improve service levels by making your business more efficient and effective. Service quality, reliability and responsiveness are powerful differentiators for solar businesses that want to be the best.

CUT COSTS: Hardware-based solutions frequently turn out to be costly. Often they don’t readily scale down commercially for smaller sites, which is a prerequisite for unlocking asset management value. Off-the-shelf software options typically won’t match your business reality, but customising software can quickly become prohibitively expensive. A Wattwatchers SOC supports you to optimise solution costs, as well as performance, and facilitates incorporation and protection of your business’ Intellectual Property.

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