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Introducing My Energy Marketplace

Wattwatchers is inviting community groups, councils, member-based organisations, business and social enterprises, and research institutions to explore partnerships with our My Energy Marketplace (MEM) national roll-out, backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)*.

Over three years to November 2022, we’re rolling out ARENA-subsidised smart energy management technologies to at least 5,000 homes and small businesses across Australia, and also 250 schools. What we’re building is like an ‘app store for energy,’ allowing electricity consumers to get the power of data on their side, with choice, portability and a bit of ‘gadget X factor’.

The MEM has a major focus on empowering consumers with data, including advancing consumer data rights with a balanced approach to privacy, security and cybersecurity, and data accessibility and sharing. As part of the MEM, Wattwatchers is leading the formation of the Community Energy Data Advisory Panel (CEDAP).

Our foundation software technology partners for the MEM are Accurassi (energy tariffs and usage data), Solar Schools (energy and education), Cogniss (human transformation technology) and the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program at the Australian National University (ANU).

Cut power bills & emissions

Smart energy homes and businesses can easily save hundreds of dollars a year by outsmarting the utilities

Choose apps & services

The MEM empowers consumers with choice of apps and services, and portability of data

Installation by electricians

Once in your meter box, a Wattwatchers device is always on and sending data via the internet

We're building a network of community & commercial partners

To recruit households, businesses and schools, Wattwatchers is building collaborations with community channel partners including local community groups and clubs, civil society organisations, councils, for-profit businesses and corporates, member-based alliances, social enterprises and not-for-profits, school communities, and academic and research institutions.

Early community channel partners include the women’s climate action movement 1 Million Women, and Renew, formerly known as the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

We’re also working with commercial companies, including energy retailers and network businesses, both as deployment partners for the MEM and as customers for the energy data services that the MEM will be creating.

How our partners are working with the MEM

1 Million Women is building a partnership with Wattwatchers and the MEM into its new ‘Women Power’ campaign to save on electricity use in people’s day-to-day lives, and also promote renewables, to cut carbon pollution

Renew is exploring how MEM deployments can be integrated into its member programs, policy work and community-facing projects such as microgrids and virtual power plants

Councils and citizen-based community groups and cooperatives are actively discussing local initiatives to engage homes, small businesses and schools in innovative projects

Energy services companies and progressive energy retailers are working on targeted collaborations with the MEM

Corporate groups are considering staff and customer-facing opportunities

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Our smart energy devices and data underpin the MEM

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We're creating a new 'app store for energy' model

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