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The amazingly flexible Auditor range of Energy IoT devices

The Wattwatchers Auditor range of Energy IoT devices is the proven hardware foundation of our company, with 30,000+ units in the field, deployed across residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases.

By far the most popular choice in the range is the Auditor 6M:
-It’s cellular (3G/4G), with up to 6 channels of real-time, circuit-level monitoring
-You can pair the 6M with any of our current transformer (CT) clamp choices – 60 amp (standard for residential), or 120, 200, 400, 600 amps for commercial/industrial use cases*
-Options are available to add ModBus RTU (for third-party hardware integrations) or switching (up to 3 loads) to the 6M

We also have a WiFi-communicating device, the Auditor 6W, which pairs with all of the CT clamp sizes and has a switching option.

*If you need to monitor larger loads than the 6M or 6W can handle, there’s the Auditor 3R, which is cellular (3G/4G) with 3 channels of monitoring using 3000 amp Rogowski Coils.

the very versatile Auditor 6M

Ultra-compact, DIN-mounted, all-in-one design for ease of installation. No comms cabling. No routers. No portable loggers.

+ ModBus enables the 6M+One

By pairing the Auditor 6M with an NMI pattern-approved billing meter - with single and 3-phase options - Wattwatchers offers a solution for behind-the-meter solar PPAs, embedded networks and large-scale LGC creation.

lower ongoing communications costs with WiFi

tech-savvy households and multi-site operators providing their own WiFi services can utilise the lower operating costs of WiFi (compared with the more mainstream cellular option)

Auditor 6M

Our second generation cellular devices (M series) monitor up to six channels in real-time and have the options of switching control, for up to three circuits, or ModBus RTU.

Features include

Circuit-level control

Add a DIN-rail mounted relay with a Wattwatchers monitoring and switching unit to control circuits in real-time through the cloud.

The Auditor 6M+3SW device features cellular communications with up to 6 channels of monitoring and the option for up to 3 switches, which energise or de-energise targeted circuits via single or 3-phase contactors. Typical controllable loads include electric hot water systems and pool pumps.