Flexible, cost-effective, & reliable electricity monitoring hardware

Auditor 6M and 6W energy monitoring devices

Compact 2U DIN rail

Up to 6 circuits

Class 1 accuracy

Up to 3 switches

The Wattwatchers Auditor Family

Our award-winning electricity monitoring devices are suited to a wide range of use cases. Here are the different models and the needs each serves best.

Robust, always-on cellular communications.

Monitor up to 6 circuits.

60A–600A CTs.

Single device for single or polyphase applications.

Rogowski coils to monitor circuits up to 3000A.

Monitor 1 x 3-phase circuit.

Flexible installation for busbars or complex switchboards.

A lower-cost pattern-approved alternative to traditional revenue metering.

Pairs with CET meter (via Modbus).

Monitor up to 6 additional 60A–600A circuits (loads or generation).

All the features of the 6M.

Plus up to 3 channels of switching available.

Robust, always-on 4G Cellular+WiFi communications.

Monitor up to 6 circuits;
Control solar export and 1x load (e.g. electric hot water, EV charging)

60A–600A CTs;
Single- or 3-phase contactor (same device for single or polyphase applications)


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Our range of accessories work out-of-the-box with Auditor devices, including:

  • Current Transformers (CTs)
  • Rogowski Coils
  • High Gain Antennas

Features & benefits

Reliable & accurate

Cellular communications for always-on, reliable data. Class 1 (+/- 1%) accuracy. The A6M+One supports trade applications such as PPAs.


We pack a lot of features into a two-unit DIN rail enclosure, making it easier to fit into crowded switchboards.

Priority support

We provide a Support Hub and priority technician support for installers who are on-site to solve problems in the first call-out.

Easy install

Install in as little as 15 minutes, with manuals and wiring diagrams provided, and use our web-based tools to validate installation on site.

Tools included

Our web-based apps allow you to view device health, installation issues, and configuration details online.

Flexible integration

Use industry-standard technologies to rapidly integrate your data into your own solution, or dozens of partner offerings, via our API.

Auditor models side-by-side

6 Circuits
6 Circuits
6 Circuits
1 Circuit (3 Phase)
60A–600A CT
60A–600A CT
60A–600A CT
3000A Rogowski Coil
3 Switches
6M specs »
6M+3SW specs »
6M+One specs »
3RM specs »

Making the most of your energy data

When you buy a Wattwatchers device, you get more than just hardware. We provide all you need to manage your devices and make the most of your energy data.

Additional services

The per device subscription fee covers:

  • Communications costs
  • API access
  • Our software suite, including device- and fleet-level management tools
  • Business hours support for device management and API integration
  • Customer access to the MyEnergy smartphone app (optional)
  • Switching and Modbus integration (for relevant models)

The Wattwatchers API

Our API lets you bring your data into your own solution, or one of the dozens of industry integrations that are ‘Wattwatchers ready’.

By using industry-standard technologies like JSON and REST, you can get up and running quickly—some partners have reported integration taking less than 4 hours!

We also offer stream-based solutions—providing improved performance and scale—for volume customers.

Get started today

Our solution consultants work with you to understand your context and needs, so we can guide you to the best solutions—from Wattwatchers and our partners—to achieve your energy data goals.