Data services

Energy data as a service: the access you need, without the cost and hassle of installation.

As well as using Wattwatchers to capture energy data yourself, did you know we also provide energy data as a service for research, system digitalisation and diverse innovation purposes? Academics, government programs, startups, and commercial developers and service providers alike can connect with our growing base of monitored sites, gaining easy access to live and historical household datasets, pre-approved for sharing by the customers.

How our data services are being used

Wattwatchers data services are suitable for a wide variety of applications—from energy, to PropTech, FinTech, Industry 4.0, and more. Here are just some of the ways you can engage with our datasets.

Solar panels with electricity pylon and wind turbine

Network managers & industry

Get greater visibility of grid performance, such as voltage variability, and leverage distributed/customer energy resources to manage solar and electrification better. 

Two colleagues discussing a data visualisation

Researchers & projects

Model the impacts of new technology on the grid with granular data from behind the utility meter. Analyse real-time and historical datasets from many sites in your projects.

Group of designers planning a mobile application project with sticky notes

App & solution developers

Promote your offer to pre-qualified customers who are looking for new energy solutions. Test or simulate your modelling, or create dynamic demos for your new product.

ADEPT: make data agile

ADEPT is an agile development tool for digitising and tailoring distributed energy across fleets of sites and devices.

Have you experienced an off-the-shelf software solution that just won’t do what you need it to?

With ADEPT, you can customise how you manage your fleet of systems, organise and integrate data, and develop ‘bespoke’ solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional service models.

ADEPT features include:

  • Easy integration and interoperability with multiple data sources (incl. non-energy data)
  • Fleet analytics including carbon calculations, outage detection and more…
  • Real-time performance analysis
  • ‘Zero-code’ tools to rapidly prototype and refine analytics rules


Getting cost-effective access to granular, up-to-date energy datasets for households is always a challenge for researchers, especially when concerns about consumer data rights, privacy and security are rising.

When the Energy Transition Hub needed anonymised energy datasets from solar and non-solar households for their work they engaged Wattwatchers data services to gain access to historical 5-minute measurements for hundreds of sites located across the Australian east coast’s National Electricity Market (NEM).

By drawing on the fleet of homes already installed with monitoring devices as part of the My Energy Marketplace project, the Hub avoided having to spend precious research funds in a costly and time-consuming installation program to access the data they needed.

How can our data help you?​

Speak to our solutions team about your requirements and see how Wattwatchers data services and integrations can support your business.