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Agent-as-a-Service enabled by ADEPT ... it really is Smart AaaS!

Wattwatchers has multiple technology paths to support agents, inverter manufacturers and rooftop PV installers to deal with the new solar export control requirements introduced in South Australia, and potentially Australia-wide.

Our offerings start with our entry-level disconnect/reconnect switching and Agent-as-a-Service (AaaS) package, and progress to customised solutions through Modbus-driven inverter integrations and our ADEPT IoT and machine learning platform (with options to upgrade to a Solar Operations Centres).

ACT NOW: Sign up for our new Agent-as-a-Service (AaaS) offering, enabled by ADEPT, which provides a fleet control tool for remote disconnection/reconnection using Wattwatchers hardware technology. Or upgrade to a Solar Operations Centre, combining the functions of Wattwatchers with inverter capabilities and solar performance analytics.



Wattwatchers has 40,000+ devices in the field, over half of them installed with rooftop solar PV. By adding a switching (+3SW) or Modbus (+MB) option board to our cellular 6-channel real-time monitoring device (Auditor 6M), we open up a range of load control uses cases including solar export limiting.


The 3rd-generation Wattwatchers API is hosted in the Amazon cloud and offers an industry-standard RESTful interface for easy integration with our customers' software of choice, or access to our third-party partner integrations (40+ in Australia and internationally). Data can be shared with multiple applications, enabling choice and portability.


Key to Wattwatchers' differentiation is our core focus on empowering home and business consumers with their energy data, with our established dashboard, and our new native app scheduled for release soon. Or, alternatively, use our data in your own app.

The very versatile Auditor 6M ... with options

Wattwatchers’ widely-deployed Auditor 6M cellular device can control export on a wide range of inverters using contactor switching (6M+3SW), DRM0 or DRM5 depending on the inverter and your preference (includes single-phase or 3-phase). Speak to us about how Modbus can be used for more sophisticated inverter control. Wattwatchers monitoring can verify the event with 1% accuracy.

Now that’s really Smart AaaS!

Why choose Wattwatchers?

-Multiple Agents are registering in South Australia to use our solutions – including the statewide electricity distribution business SA Power Networks – demonstrating our proven capabilities and versatility

-We offer multiple pathways to limit solar exports and manage other loads too

-You get ease of integration & software choices with our industry standard RESTful API

-We help you to avoid being locked-in to proprietary systems & one-to-one technology tie-ups

By working with Wattwatchers, you unlock more options for your home and commercial customers, and keep your own options open for evolving your solutions over time.