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ADEPT - the agile solutions suite for digitising distributed energy

Solar operations centres, HVAC and refrigeration optimisation, load and asset control, distributed monitoring and visibility, and more … ADEPT is where Grid 2.0 meets Industry 4.0 to fast-track flexible, data-driven energy management solutions cost-effectively.

Through ADEPT, Wattwatchers Digital Energy has established a major new service that combines real-time energy data with Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities, offering an agile technology platform for managing, optimising and aggregating distributed energy and assets.

ADEPT enables clients to rapidly customise how they manage their fleet of systems, supporting integration and interoperability, with features including fleet analytic tools, real-time performance analysis, and ‘zero-code’ ways to fast-prototype and refine new analytics rules. This builds in flexibility at a time when technologies, standards and regulatory requirements are constantly evolving.

automate fleet monitoring the way you want

No-one has the time to manually analyse real-time data. Let software automate the identification of opportunities in your fleet. ADEPT gives you the tools to customise real-time solutions while enhancing and protecting your own intellectual property.

manage your operations from one place

We're taking Energy IoT to a new level to promote interoperability. Integrate any data source, whether real-time or human-entered. ADEPT will support you to connect to other platforms used to run your business, helping to streamline your business overall.

it's low code, modular, fast & cost-effective

ADEPT builds on the easy installation of Wattwatchers devices, and our partner-friendly Energy Data Hub cloud model, to make customising your solution surprisingly cost-effective. Click on 'Request a Demo' above and ask for your online briefing.

Who is ADEPT for?

Wattwatchers ADEPT is for anyone who operates or maintains a distributed fleet of energy intensive assets, across generation, storage and consumption.

The use case can be solar PV, packaged air-conditioning systems, power factor correction, air compression, electric boilers, refrigeration units, pumps, motors and transformers – anything where electricity is essential and multiple distributed assets are involved.

As a potential ADEPT customer, you could be an equipment manufacturer, a specialist in mechanical or electrical services, a solar installer, a utility (energy retailer, energy network business, telco, water company), community organisation, service business or financier investing in energy assets. Established and emerging customer examples include:

-Solar & energy services operations centres
-Corporate and community programs
-DER aggregation and orchestration

Customer case study: Fusion HVAC deploys ADEPT

Australian-based Fusion HVAC builds and deploys large modules to manage air temperature and circulation in big box stores and warehouses. Now aggressively expanding internationally, it is embedding Wattwatchers smart devices into its 3-tonne modules, which sometimes need to be dropped in by a helicopter.

This solution uses the ModBus capability in optimised Wattwatchers devices to uplink energy data and 100+ additional data points, with ADEPT providing a virtual global operations centre capability.

‘This decision is highly strategic. It means we can keep stepping up to new levels of intelligence and efficiency, allowing our solutions to evolve and keep raising the bar in our industry.’ – Kev Harris, CEO, Fusion HVAC

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ADEPT use case example: solar operations centres

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