Electricity monitoring and control products that are low cost, quick to install, and easy to integrate.

Wattwatchers devices are best in class, providing monitoring, circuit-level switching, and Modbus for communicating with devices like inverters. And when you buy a Wattwatchers device, you don’t just get a piece of hardware—you get a suite of tools and services to make the most of your energy data.

Our small footprint, electrician-installed energy monitoring devices provide accurate and timely data and control. With 75,000+ units in the field, Wattwatchers is the trusted ‘source of truth’ for leading smart energy solutions.

Engage our bespoke data services to analyse anonymised data from our fleet of managed devices. We also provide Demand Response (DR) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) services with circuit-level control of key residential and business loads.

We make your energy data visual, accessible, and actionable. Manage your device fleet, get business insights, or access data on a smartphone app. Our software suite helps you make the most of your data and provide more value to your customers.

Benefits & value

Wattwatchers provides value across the stack—from devices to end-user applications.


Use our tools, or mix and match with 3rd-party or your own tools. Works in a variety of use cases and contexts.


Over 50,000 devices in the field. Robust, ‘always-on’ cellular comms. Find us inside many industry-leading solutions.

Real-time & accurate

Whether you need 5 second or 5 minute data, our +/-1% revenue-grade accuracy monitors deliver energy insights in real time.

Cost effective

Our devices and related services provide a strong Total Cost of Ownership proposition.

Monitoring & control

Get data on energy use, reactive power, voltage, frequency, and more. Circuit-level control + Modbus for advanced applications.


Easy to install, easy to integrate, plus easy-to-use software.

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50,000+ devices in the field

3,000+ readings per device per day

40+ integrations

120m+ API requests monthly

Got questions?​​

Our solution consultants work with you to understand your unique context and needs, so we can guide you to the best options—from Wattwatchers and our partners—to achieve your energy data goals.