Auditor 6W Pack

From: $247.00

The Auditor 6W combines our Class 1.0–accurate energy monitoring with low-cost WiFi communications.

The 6W is suitable for business monitoring applications, where there is a solid, professionally managed WiFi network to ensure consistent communications.

Monitor the grid and solar generation (three phase or single phase), and up to 4 other circuits (for single phase). For commercial and industrial applications, track grid usage, or individual plant and equipment.

Key attributes

  • WiFi communications
  • 6 Channels, capable of using a mix of CT sizes.
  • Real-time communications and configuration
  • Online onboarding tool
  • Must be used with Wattwatchers-supplied CTs (see CTs options below)
  • Ongoing standard data and cellular communications fee of $1 per device per month

If you need to support PPA, LGC or other trade applications, please see the Auditor 6M+One.

Suitable for use in Australia, please email if you are outside of Australia.

Additional information

Auditor 6W


Class 1.0

Communications type


Number of CTs

3 or 6

Current measurement range


Current Transformers (CTs) [Pack of 3]

CT rating

60A, 120A, 200A, 400A, 600A

WiFi data plan


1 year, 3 years, 5 years

Pack options

Auditor 6W


Current Transformers (CTs) [Pack of 3]

Additional CTs [Pack of 3, for a total of 6]

WiFi data plan