Auditor 6M+One Pack

From: $670.00 excl. GST

The 6M+One combines an NMI pattern-approved billing meter (without communications features), with a high-performing, cellular, multi-channel Wattwatchers 6M device.

Single and 3-phase versions are available supporting commercial and residential applications. It’s ultra-compact, easy to install, and connects to the cloud out-of-the-box.

The 6M+One is a proven and cost-effective solution for:

  • Billing
  • Reporting & assurance
  • Compliance & quality control
  • Operations & maintenance
  • PPA & carbon transactions
  • LGC creation

Important information

There is three PMC meter types to choose from – Find the right PMC meter for you

For the CT-based PMC meter, 3x Yellow 600A/5A CTs are provided as part of the package price. You will need to purchase additional black CTs for the Auditor if you want to see data in the Wattwatchers software.

6M+One package is suitable for use in Australia. Please contact our sales team if you are outside of Australia.

Please read before purchasing:

Please be aware that PMC data can NOT be viewed on Wattwatchers software. Data from the PMC billing meter is only available via our API for integration into your software solution if applicable or via a 3rd party API/billing software company. Only data from the black CTs attached to the 6M Auditor Directly is viewable in the Wattwatchers dashboard. Read more information about 6M+One


Additional information

CET meter

Meter type

Single phase (Direct Connect), Three-phase (Direct Connect), Three-phase (Transformer Connect + Billing CTs)

Current Transformers (CTs) [Pack of 3]

CT rating

60A x 3, 120A x 3, 200A x 3, 400A x 3, 600A x 3

Pack options

Auditor 6M+One

$520.00 excl. GST

CET meter

Current Transformers (CTs) [Pack of 3]

Additional CTs [Pack of 3, for a total of 6]

Cellular + Modbus data plan

Ongoing data and API access is billed at monthly at $6.25 per month. Your first month is free.

$0.00 excl. GST