Auditor 6M+3SW Pack

From: $385.00 excl. GST

The Auditor 6M+3SW combines all of the functionality of the flexible and reliable Auditor 6M with circuit-level switching capabilities.

Contactors are available for switching of single- or three-phase circuits, and can also be connected to other equipment, such as inverters, to remotely trigger control functions (such as solar export control).

Key attributes

  • 4G communications
  • Provision for switching of up to three independent contactors for remote circuit-level control (our standard contactors are rated up to 25A)
  • Must be used with Wattwatchers CTs (see CT options below)
  • Activation of switching requires control via the API

Used by networks and others to control inverters for solar export control.

Suitable for use in Australia. Please contact our sales team if you are outside of Australia.

Additional information

Auditor 6M+3SW


Class 1.0

Communications type

Cellular (3G/4G)

Number of CTs

3 or 6

Number of switches

Up to 3

Current Transformers (CTs) [Pack of 3]

CT rating

60A x 3, 120A x 3, 200A x 3, 400A x 3, 600A x 3

Switching contactors


Single, Three

Pack options

Auditor 6M+3SW

Class 1.0 accurate monitoring with up to 3 channels of switching.

$340.00 excl. GST

Current Transformers (CTs) [Pack of 3]

Additional CTs [Pack of 3, for a total of 6]

Switching contactors

Cellular + switching data plan

Ongoing data and API access is billed at monthly at $7 per month. Your first month is free.

$0.00 excl. GST