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Solar Companies

We design solutions to support the rooftop solar revolution and the rising uptake of distributed energy resource (DER) management systems in the ‘new energy’ era, where the business of electricity is rapidly becoming decentralised, bidirectional and customer-centric.

Wattwatchers combines hardware, firmware and software to enable the accurate monitoring and control of electrical circuits – in real time through the cloud – for individual sites and fleets. Solar monitoring for residential, commercial and light industrial sites is a top use case.

Distributed energy solution

Our business-to-business model is highly flexible: we ‘work with’ an ever-expanding range of platform partners, software-as-a-service applications, and communications media across residential, commercial and industrial and utility use cases.

Auditors 6W & 6M

Our second generation monitoring devices are available with WiFi (W series) or cellular (M series) communications in 3 or 6 channel configurations.

Features include

Control loads for solar management

The latest product in the Auditor series—the Auditor 6M+3SW (cellular) or 6W+3SW (WiFi)—provides circuit-level control for behind-the-meter loads.

When matched with solar this provides the tools for optimising onsite consumption of rooftop solar generation, managing controllable load circuits such as electric hot water, pool pumps and HVAC. This is a proven, cost-effective solution for distributed energy resources and demand response.

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