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Energy Services Companies & Facility Managers

Energy services companies (ESCOs) and facility managers are asked to boost facility performance within tightening budgets. Investment in the tools that make it easy to reduce costs, eliminate energy wastage, and verify results will underpin your ability to deliver strong results and fund future projects.

We help ESCOs and facilities managers by automating accurate, real-time electricity data into the cloud applications of your choice for up to 60% less outlay than older-style technologies.

lower your

Up to 60% less outlay than older-style solutions. No comms cabling. No routers. No portable loggers.

use the application
of your choice

The Wattwatchers Energy Data Hub simplifies integration to get data where you want it.


Use your electrician. Our installation application makes it easy.

Lower the cost of measurement and verification and grow your services revenue

In addition to lowering the cost of obtaining accurate and complete data, we avoid the field operational penalties of working with portable equipment, and deliver robust technology that can support the delivery of your ongoing monitoring and analytics services.

Retrofit sub-metering and basic control without communications cabling and network hardware

By communicating directly with the cloud via cellular or WiFi communications, Wattwatchers avoids the site enablement costs of communications cabling and routing hardware that make projects costly and unviable. Our energy data hub simplifies sharing data with the platforms your business uses to boost facility performance and enables circuit-level switching which can be used to avoid energy wastage.

The benefits of using Wattwatchers

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Energy Services

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Facility Managers

Auditor 6M

Our second generation cellular devices (M series) monitor up to six channel in real-time and have the option of switching control for three circuits.

Features include

Circuit level control

Add a DIN-rail mounted relay with an Auditor switching unit and circuits can be controlled in real-time through the cloud.

The latest model in the Auditor series -the Auditor 6M+3SW device – features cellular communications with up to 6 channels of monitoring and the option for 3 switching circuits which energise or de-energise targeted circuits via single or 3-phase contactors. Typical controllable loads include electric hot water systems, pool pumps or even solar inverter protection.

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