New alerts in the MyEnergy app

Feature image for post on new app notifications

The latest version (v1.6.0) of the Wattwatchers MyEnergy app includes a whole new notifications tab.

Tapping it takes you to the Notifications Centre – a place to view budget and other alerts in one place.

In this first release you will receive alerts if you’ve set up an energy budget and opted to receive push notifications when you get close to your energy budget. We will also send you occasional alerts about relevant posts on our blog – like this one.

We will be adding other types of notifications in future updates – we’ll make sure to send an alert about that!

Using the Notification Centre

In the Notification Centre, you will see a list of all your notifications – or a friendly message to let you know you currently have no notifications.

Unread notifications stand out from ones you’ve read before by the bolder font and the orange dot.

Tapping the ‘more’ link in a notification’s summary text expands it to show the full message and an action button.

Tapping the button—which will be labeled according to the action you’re taking… ‘View budget’ in the example below—takes you to the relevant screen in the app (e.g. for a budget alert it takes you to the budget screen), or to a website (e.g. for the alert about this blog post).

Swipe left on a notification to show the delete button. Once it shows, tap the button to delete the notification.

That’s all there’s to it. Another easy way to stay on top of your energy use!

Notification Centre