MyEnergy: Major new version release

Wattwatchers MyEnergy Flow screenshots spread for Wattwatchers blog post

Information for Users

Wattwatchers is releasing version 2.0.0 of the MyEnergy app. It includes the new Flow feature that becomes the new home screen of the app.

MyEnergy Flow is a new way of interacting with the energy flowing through your home.

It is based around having a ‘conversation’ with your energy data where you receive and respond to notifications. Like you do in Facebook or LinkedIn, but for energy. 

Items of interest appear as they happen, and you can interact immediately, or later—whenever works for you.

MyEnergy Flow provides more than just information, presenting you with insights—why it matters, and what you can do about it. Prompting you only when something warrants your attention, at a time when you can take action.

So how does flow work?

Flow is made up of a series of cards that display information about your energy usage. Some examples include the Weekly energy report, budget alerts, links to external web articles and tips on how to use features in the app.

The new Flow screen in the MyEnergy app

Each card has an icon on the left side to help make it clear what type of information is being displayed. For example, we have graph, bill, info, target and light bulb icons as shown below.

Icons indicate the type of information displayed on a Flow card

Each card can also be ‘pinned’ by tapping on the pin icon in the lower right corner of the card (highlighted below in red). Pinning a card moves and keeps it at the top of your Flow, so that it’s easy to find.

Pinning a card moves and keeps it at the top of your Flow

Cards that are not pinned disappear when they are no longer relevant, such as after a week of no activity.

What else has changed?

Flow is now the default page of the app that you will see when you start the MyEnergy app. The menu bar has been updated to include the new Flow feature, and the Live (the previous home screen) and History items have moved over to make room. 

The updated bottom navigation bar

Many features of the old Save menu item have moved into the Flow. You can also access some settings for these features via the More menu — the Configure/View budget and Compare your plan options.

What else can Flow do?

We will be adding more Flow features soon. For more information, check out our more in-depth article.

Got questions or feedback?

We welcome all feedback and questions about this new release.

Please drop us a line by logging a support ticket.