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My Energy Marketplace

Image source: Photo by Isadora Menezes from Pexels

Unlock the power of energy data

Wattwatchers is inviting community groups, councils, member-based organisations, business and social enterprises, and research institutions to explore partnerships with our My Energy Marketplace (MEM) national roll-out, backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)*.

Over three years to November 2022, we’re rolling out cutting-edge energy management technologies to at least 5,000 homes and small businesses across Australia, and also 250 schools. What we’re building is like an ‘app store for energy,’ allowing electricity consumers to get the power of data on their side, with choice, portability and a bit of ‘gadget X factor’.

To recruit households, businesses and schools, Wattwatchers is building collaborations with community channel partners including local community groups and clubs, civil society organisations, councils, for-profit businesses and corporates, member-based alliances, social enterprises and not-for-profits, school communities, and academic and research institutions.

Early community channel partners include the women’s climate action movement 1 Million Women, and Renew, formerly known as the Alternative Technology Association (ATA). Core software technology partners include Accurassi, Cogniss, and Solar Schools; and the Australian National University (ANU) is a foundation research partner through its Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program.

See ARENA media announcement here & ARENA’s project web page here.


Who is this for?

The MEM solution packages are recommended for non-solar homes with electricity bills >$250 a month ($750 a quarter); homes with rooftop solar and bills >$150 a month ($450 a quarter); small businesses consuming <100MWh of electricity per annum; and schools of all sizes.

What will participants get?

Energy management technology packages, installed by a qualified professional electrician, with access to software apps and data + device communications for 3 years.

How can my organisation/company/group/school ask to get involved?

Simple, just register your interest and we’ll get in touch with you to evaluate your eligibility and confirm installation details. While we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be enrolled to participate, eligible requests will be considered against Wattwatchers’ evaluation criteria including strategic fit, technological compatibility and potential to add additional value to the project itself, communities and the energy system. Following evaluation, any offers will be made entirely at Wattwatchers’ discretion. See slide deck introducing the MEM for community groups: My Energy Marketplace Community Partner Intro Deck FINAL 20200320

Is this a free offer?

No, it’s a subsidised opportunity, but a financial co-contribution is still required from participants, paid by them or on their behalf (e.g. some organisations may offer additional support to their membership or customer base). The level of co-contribution will vary depending on factors including project stages, and the size and type of any individual installation (for example monitoring only for a single-phase wired household would require a smaller co-contribution than a monitoring-plus-control solution for a three-phase business site).

What’s the fine print?

Participants will need to sign-up to Terms and Conditions which include allowing sharing of agreed data with third parties. Data sharing will not be undertaken without explicit consent from the participant. Note that a core principle of the MEM is that end consumers own their data and will be provided with opportunities to benefit from it both in their own right (e.g. from apps and services that use the data to provide service to the consumer), and by sharing with others (e.g. signing up for demand response programs, virtual power plant participation or local energy trading).

When does it start?

Early roll-outs begin in the first half of the 2020 calendar year, and will continue through to 2022.

Does it matter which energy supplier I’m with?

No, which energy company or companies you buy your electricity from is completely up to you. But with more data, you’ll be in a stronger position to manage your energy, and to choose the best energy supplier and tariff plan to match your needs.

Can energy companies be partners?

Our roll-out engages a wide range of partners, with an early emphasis on non-energy industry organisations and enterprises. Energy companies potentially can be partners, and we hope that progressive electricity suppliers and distributors will consider working with the project. But please be aware that, in all cases, consumers will own their data, and will be empowered by this data to decide who gets to supply them with their energy (wherever competitive markets for electricity already exist).

Can individual consumers participate too?

In the early stages of the project, we plan to make MEM products available through our community and commercial partners. However, the ability for individual consumers and  electricians to sign up are planned in the mid- to later-stages of the roll-out. Please join our project mailing list to be first in line to hear about such offers as they become available.


Organisations (captures your details for Wattwatchers to follow up with you)

Individuals (adds you to mailing list to receive updates and offers)


Foundation contributing partners

Accurassi provides API-driven microservices to leverage energy data, including tariffs and usage information, so that enterprises can empower their customers. Its proprietary AI data solutions enable large enterprises to step past their legacy problems with data and technology to create seamless digital customer experiences. 

Cogniss combines best practice knowledge and technology around learning and behaviour change into a technology platform, reducing the need to know code or have a big budget to start solving real-world challenges.

Solar Schools brings innovative sustainability education to primary and secondary schools. Learning activities are data-driven, helping students investigate the energy being used and generated by their school. These real-life learning experiences build an understanding of how energy works and how we can become more energy efficient. The program is curriculum-aligned, providing detailed lessons across science, english, mathematics, technology, social science and the arts. Digital tools help students interact with real-time data, discovering insights and actions to help schools become more sustainable and energy efficient creating lasting behavioural change. Over the past decade, Solar Schools has developed and refined industry-leading technology to monitor, display and analyse energy data. 


ANU’s Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program (BSGIP) is hosting a 3-year PhD energy data research project in partnership with Wattwatchers and the MEM. Established in 2018, BSGIP is a research, development and demonstration program supported by industry, state and federal government. The Program has a strong focus on an interdisciplinary, socio-techno-economic approach to the delivery of real-world energy and associated systems projects. The program’s academic expertise ranges from computer sciences, engineering, physics and chemistry, to economics and the social sciences. The Program is hosted within the Australian National University by the Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering and the Research School of Chemistry. More information at



This Project received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government, and the Australian Government does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.