Meter & Monitor for Billing & Performance – a ‘dual solution’ for Solar PPAs

Wattwatchers is bundling hardware and software to transform the role of data in making the renewable energy revolution productive, easy and cost-effective.

Australia is seeing an unprecedented boom in investor-financed rooftop solar PV – with systems located behind the meter, on commercial buildings, selling electricity to owners and tenants under Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Since 2014, Wattwatchers has forged a leading position as a device supplier and data enabler in the solar monitoring space in Australia. We’ve achieved this by creating flexible hardware and enabling real-time data streams to accurately show a building’s solar generation, grid imports and exports, and self-consumption on-site – all in the one package.

Now we’ve added an innovative dual metering and monitoring solution for Solar PPAs.


Energy data is vital to optimising Solar PPAs in two key areas:

BILLING – which requires a meter that meets the pattern approval criteria of the National Measurement Institute (NMI)*

PERFORMANCE – which requires real-time, accurate, highly-granular data delivered through the cloud

When Wattwatchers realised that there is no single solution in the marketplace that can do both, cost effectively, we decided to create one. It’s a bundle that combines a simple non-communicating NMI pattern approved meter with a high-performing, cellular-communicating, multi-channel Wattwatchers device.

We call it the Auditor 6M+One. It comes in a 3-phase version, which is the standard for commercial sites, and also a single-phase version for typical residential applications. It’s ultra-compact, easy to install, and connects to the cloud out-of-the-box, as soon as it powers up.

The dual meter solution deals with the hardware side of the Solar PPA equation. But the software side also needs to be addressed to provide a full-stack solution, which is where Wattwatchers’ cloud infrastructure and Energy Data Hub* business model come into play.

*The Energy Data Hub is Wattwatchers’ cloud infrastructure, which has 40+ integrations with software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, energy services companies (ESCOs) and utility portals.


Proven, high-performing software choices that Wattwatchers supports include:

BILLING – leading Australian billing solutions provider Improv, which provides a comprehensive suite of billing-related services

PERFORMANCE – best-in-class Australian solar performance monitoring dashboard Solar Analytics, the real-time specialists in optimising solar PV both operationally and financially

SCHOOLS – innovative software platform providers Solar Schools combine operational and educational aspects of energy management for schools, including gamification

ENTRY-LEVEL – basic in-house dashboard for visualising circuit-level electricity flows

BRING-YOUR-OWN – integrate with the Wattwatchers 3.0 cloud infrastructure via the Wattwatchers API and use the software of the client’s own choice


Getting data right is vital in the increasingly competitive Solar PPA investment space, adding value in key areas including:

  • Ensuring that billing is under control – the electricity sector has its own horror stories of companies, including top-tier retailers, underestimating the complexity of providing an effective billing service, or just getting it expensively wrong
  • Providing institutional customers with reporting and assurance – as large commercial chains and property-based groups sign up for major PPA contracts, quality data allows providers to analyse, aggregate and report the performance of large and complex portfolios, and meet sustainability reporting obligations
  • Contractor compliance and quality control – PPA investors often use multiple solar installation groups to roll out their PV systems, so consistent data at fleet, sub-fleet and site levels allows them to remotely monitor, assess and compare the quality of work different suppliers
  • Operations and maintenance – reliable and intelligent performance monitoring streamlines ongoing maintenance of solar assets, minimising repair truck rolls and helping investors to manage warranty obligations from their suppliers
  • Building trust in the PPA transactions – data can be shared with customers through apps, providing authentication of electricity consumption

The Auditor 6M+One combined with the Wattwatchers Energy Data Hub is a one-stop shop for metering and monitoring Solar PPAs, and makes it easy to mix and match the services required for productive, easy, cost-effective solutions.

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