Long-established Wattwatchers partner Simble in deal with Origin

Cover image ex Canva for feature image on Wattwatchers blog post


When Wattwatchers began working with the Simble founding team nearly a decade ago, it was early days for EnergyTech and ClimateTech in Australia.

So there’s more than a bit of coming-of-age celebration to see today’s market announcement that Simble, which listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2018, has forged a deal with top-tier energy sector company Origin Energy.

We love it when Wattwatchers is ‘inside’ our customers’ successes, and in recent years Simble has been kicking goals in the UK and Europe, as well as at home in Australia.

As announced today via Stockhead, Simble Solutions (ASX:SIS) will help Origin Energy (ASX:ORG) to support commercial and industrial (C&I) customers to move towards Net Zero emissions, working closely with the Origin Zero business unit.

Under the deal – which runs for a year initially, with a two-year option agreement – Origin Zero will make a version of the SimbleSense smart energy management platform available to its portfolio of C&I customers.

These customers in turn will be able to use the platform to:

  • Monitor their behind-the-meter energy usage at a device or circuit level
  • Access a breakdown of their energy consumption in real time
  • Identify trends and potential savings opportunities
  • Assist in the measurement and verification of energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects.

In the Simble announcement, founder and chief revenue officer Fadi Geha said:

‘Through our platform (SimbleSense), we provide customers with the energy insights and data to better inform their decision making  as they embark on energy saving, reduction or efficiency projects. They can justify a business case to a CFO using data and insights that are just as easy to understand by a finance person as they are by an energy person.’

SimbleSense is fully integrated with Wattwatchers and its cloud-connected Auditor range of smart energy devices, which will be deployed for the Origin initiative.

Simble also operates a second platform division, known as CarbonView, which Wattwatchers is using itself to assist with carbon tracking, accounting and management.

Gavin Dietz has been Wattwatchers CEO since 2016.