Lighting the way for energy and carbon management


As lighting for commercial and industrial sites moves from being a commodity to a service, leading international provider Sylvania Lighting wanted to provide its customers with an energy and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform.

Sylvania turned to Australian-listed smart energy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company Simble Solutions Limited (ASX:SIS), which has been a Wattwatchers third-party software partner for nearly a decade.

SimbleSense now powers Sylvania’s own-branded SylSmart Energy, described as ‘an advanced energy monitoring and analytics platform that empowers businesses to take action regarding their carbon emissions and energy consumption’.

Sylvania Lighting marketing images for SylSmart Energy.

Circuit-level monitoring

Via SimbleSense, Wattwatchers’ Auditor devices provide circuit-level real-time monitoring data for SylSmart Energy.

As Sylvania explains it: ‘Whether your business requires high granularity of energy data gained from monitoring individual circuits in order to formulate your carbon reduction strategies, or a general overview of the energy consumption of your business, SylSmart Energy can support you through all the different requirements.’

Features of the SylSmart Energy solution highlighted by Sylvania include:

  • Centralised energy insights – All energy sources on one platform
  • Easy monitoring and in-depth analytics – Monitor your progress and ensure the strategies you employ are effective
  • User-friendly data visualisation – Make sense of the data and quickly gain insights
  • Comprehensive connectivity – Multiple methods of sourcing and sharing data

Leading lighting solutions provider

Sylvania Lighting is a leading full-spectrum provider of professional and architectural lighting solutions with a global footprint and operations in over 25 countries. 

Under the channel collaboration and reseller agreement, announced in January 2022, the SimbleSense platform and Wattwatchers devices are being offered as a bundled solution to Sylvania’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and SME customers.

The country markets and territories covered by Sylvania’s agreement with Simble include the United Kingdom (UK), France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece and the Middle East.

Expansion in the UK and Europe

Expanding from its base in Sydney, Australia, Simble has established an in-market presence in the UK, targeting British and Euro-zone customers and partners.

When the current Sylvania agreement was announced – for five years, until December 2026, with an option for a further five years – Simble Executive Director Fadi Geha said: ‘We look forward to working with Sylvania Lighting to  scale  up  the  sales  ecosystem  across  Europe  and  help  their  customers  to realise energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint.’

SUSTAINABILITY SNAPSHOT: Sylvania Lighting’s Environment and Sustainability Director, Eduardo Fuentes, says: ‘Sustainability is our obsession. With our intelligent SylSmart solutions we help our customers to achieve increased energy savings when compared to LED alone and hence dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Information is key on the drive to net zero. With the in-depth analytics and advanced visualisations on the SylSmart energy platform, it is possible to not only identify inefficiencies in lighting but in all energy related processes.’ (SOURCE: SylSmart Energy page on the Sylvania website)

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