Wattwatchers gains global offering targeted at energy professionals thanks to integration with Wattics


Wattwatchers is making the announcement of our new partnership with Wattics a highlight of the inaugural Energy Efficiency Expo, where we are exhibiting as part of the annual progressive energy sector mega-event, All-Energy Australia (October 23-24, 2019).

The Wattwatchers Energy Data Hub model is receiving a major boost from our latest software-as-a-service integration, with Ireland-based Wattics, offering a great tool-kit for energy professionals.

In particular, Wattics is designed to comprehensively support energy professionals who are designing and delivering efficiency and other upgrade projects.

The Wattics perspective

This is what the Wattics CEO and Co-Founder Antonio Ruzzelli has to say about the new Wattics-Wattwatchers relationship.


Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Wattics

‘Wattics+Wattwatchers is now straightforward and readily accessible to usher in new, advanced-level energy management.  

‘Through Wattics, Wattwatchers device owners have at their disposal a wealth of insight into how meter and sensor data, weather data, IoT, renewable and business data are correlated in industrial and commercial facilities.

‘Wattics’ machine-learning technology enables Wattwatchers customers to quickly identify energy waste; save money; track savings; calculate, monitor and report on carbon emissions; and much more.’

The Wattwatchers Perspective

James Clements, Wattwatchers’ commercial and industrial energy management specialist and senior business development manager, has led the strategic alignment with Wattics, seeing strong potential to boost Australian and  international expansion through energy, property and facility management professionals.

James Clements, Wattwatchers

‘Combined, Wattics and Wattwatchers offer a powerful tool-set for energy services professionals, underpinned by Wattwatchers wireless monitoring technology which is easily retrofitted to measure project performance. Wattics  is strong in the United Kingdom, and the Irish and continental European markets, where Wattwatchers is certified with the CE mark for UK-Europe, and is starting to grow its market presence in the Eurozone.

 ‘Many professionals still perform calculations in legacy spreadsheets and they are not the right tool for the large quantities of data produced by monitoring devices (one Wattwatchers device delivers up to 500,000 data points a day). It doesn’t take much for these tools to start buckling under the strain. The cloud-based tools are now excellent, so it’s time for energy professionals to rethink the way they work, and the customer experience they wish to deliver.’

More information about Wattics+Wattwatchers

The media announcement Wattwatchers has made with Wattics speaks further to a large global market opportunity. – Read the full media announcement Wattics_Wattwatchers_MediaRelease_FINAL_20191021

You also can take a look at the Wattics brochure – Wattics Energy Analytics Brochure FINAL

And here is the latest ‘Why Wattics’ introductory video.